Quantum Aspects of Self Realisation

 Quantum  Aspects  of  Self  Realisation

By John Lamb


Subeam Publications



 The author, a meditation consultant, has used daily meditation for more than 50 years. He studied under the guidance of, and was a close colleague of, Gururaj Ananda Yogi from 1977 until Gururaj’s demise in 1988.

John has written / compiled several other books in the Mind Bathing Series, including: Discover Your Subtle Self ; Guarantee to Make The Law of Attraction Work and Melting Into Meditation.


The contents of this publication are the author’s opinion, guided by the teaching expounded by the author’s mentor, Gururaj Ananda Yogi (1932–1988).

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First published in the United Kingdom in 2012 by Subeam Publications


ISBN 978–9569025-4-2




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Quantum Aspects of Self Realisation





What Are We?

Experience and Practice

Grasping the layers of consciousness

The checklist

Accepting the truth


1 The Higgs Boson Discovery

2 Understanding Dimensions

3 How the Mind Works




This book has two purposes, viz:

  1. To rationalise quantum physics, in terms of what multi-dimensional existence means and how it relates to our whole consciousness.
  2. How we can benefit ourselves by unconditioning our minds to access the (now scientifically located) subtle energies within; thus unfolding more of our whole consciousness to gain a truer perspective of our three dimensional world.

The first subject above looks and sounds complicated. But it isn’t, if we don’t resist some very simple truths.

The second subject looks and sounds simpler, which it is, but we complicate it too much, again by resisting our true nature.

This thesis goes straight to the question, “What are we?” We know what we are, thanks to recent scientific discoveries. The fact is, we are not really solid matter and we are not really separate objects.

Having acknowledged and accepted these newfound truths, there are ways to experience them that allow more self power to emerge and fears and anxieties to recede, including the fear of what we imagine to be death.



 What Are We?

“Everything is energy- and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein

Mankind’s greatest discovery happened recently; the presence of Higgs boson particles. Eminent scientists have at last uncovered the fact that we emanate from particles finer than matter; not over a period of time like an evolutionary cycle, but at this moment, continuously.

Explorations in quantum mechanics had already affirmed the non-reality of our three dimensional existence. We now have absolute proof we are multi-dimensional creatures. Multi-dimensional particles, more prevalent than our solid form, are in and around us, like a ‘porridge glow’, although we can’t see or feel them.

In acknowledging these discoveries, we redouble the emphasis on our constantly appearing question, “What are we and what are we doing here?”

First, what exactly is quantum physics and what do we mean by non-reality?

Quantum means quantity, an amount. In physics it means the smallest quantity of radiant energy.

Non-reality, as used above and in this discussion, is a suitable description for the resultant conclusion from quantum physics, where it concerns what appears to be solid matter.

In detecting the smallest quantity of radiant energy, physicists have ascertained that solid matter is 99.9999999999999% nothing. Yes, there are thirteen 9’s after the decimal point. The only reality of our solid universe is that the remaining 0.0000000000001% of what looks like matter is invisible electrical impulses operating by motion. The varying frequencies of motion give the impression that some things are solid and other things (like air) are not solid.

This leaves us with a dilemma. If you put out your hand and touch a solid object, neither the hand nor the object are real. The mind of course interprets that they’re real, based upon reactive electrical impulses generated by the senses. But our higher vibrational nature, like the Higgs bosons and even finer particles yet unconfirmed by experiment, don’t operate with solid matter as their anchor.

Our minds are nowhere. The mind is not even perceived by the senses as being a solid piece of stuff. The mind is a constantly changing gathering of minute impulses, which are generated within the encasement of the mind’s idea of itself and not by any reality outside the mind. It’s just an organised bundle of impressions that, through the impressions created, gives itself the idea that it’s real (and important). It (mistakenly) projects that sense perceived solid matter, in conjunction with space-time, gives credence to the three dimensional realm being a reality in itself. To follow the mind’s workings in more detail see ‘how the mind works’ in appendix 3.

Physicists have discovered many more dimensions to existence than the three we generally perceive; meaning much more of everything is present. So, the reality of us is actually multi-dimensional existence and not three dimensional existence. This applies to every cell of our bodies as well as the whole universe we see around us.

How many dimensions are there? In scientific terms, there are approximately eleven. This subject matter still under discussion, so this number concluded could alter as progress is made.

The ‘Allegorical Tale of Wunspot’, included as appendix 1, should throw some light on what dimensions actually are, for the reader who doesn’t have a grasp of the subject.

So, we are multi-dimensional-ness. We are not what the sense orientated mind projects. Everything we perceive depends on our level of consciousness. By unfolding our greater consciousness we realise this earthly consciousness is unreal; just an idea in the lower realms of consciousness

What are we doing here? Probably, we are here to discover the reality of ourselves. I think we’d have an impossible task coming up with any other logical conclusion if we take away belief, which is another mind orientated projection. Whether that’s correct or incorrect, we do have the opportunity to utilise our greater make-up, something not even thought of by most of humankind previous to this time.

 What’s Our Potential?

What does this proof of nothingness mean to us? It means we have discovered that imagining life as a world of solid matter is a delusion.

Could we exploit our inherent predilection? Yes, indeed. Our preoccupation with the three dimensional façade is like an act on a stage. It has no long term solution built in. It’s a little entertaining at times and that’s all. But the consequence of continuing in this pose is that life nearly always ends in non-satisfaction.

By fooling ourselves we are real, we get buffeted around. We suffer misery, grief, sorrow, mental pain, loneliness, jealousy, etc., and we fear the end of mortal life so much we refuse to discuss it. We fill in the moments with a mass of conjured up thought processes, thereby refusing to face what we are and we blank out, where possible, our upcoming demise. We want something permanent but we can’t get it, so we try to satisfy ourselves by focusing on the unreal.


What most of us don’t appreciate is that, by accessing and exploiting our inherent propensity, which we’ve largely ignored up until now, we can answer every problem, resolve every hurt and overcome dissatisfaction.

First we need to find out for ourselves that the wholeness of our make up is actually present. Once this inherent capacity is identified, we can go forward using every ounce of potential we evaded in the past because of ignorance.

We have an opportunity this very lifetime. To take up the opportunity is a personal choice but it’s a choice put before us this very day. If you want to put and end to suffering, pain sorrow and fear of death you’ll take up the challenge of moving forward into a life of positivity and joy, which is your birthright.

If you do, you’re going to have to face the truth that you are responsible for your own evolution. Although this may sound daunting, when put into practice it’s enormously liberating.

As well as the desire to unfold our true selves, there is also the unconscious perpetualism drawing us all back, like a natural magnetism, to our true (consciousness) source. So when we put up (ego) resistance, which is against the flow of nature, we deny the opportunity to unfold our permanent joy within. This resistance is the force that produces the suffering, the woe, the buffeting around.

Resistance or no resistance, hardly anyone gets 100% satisfaction from this life. Even the successful ones and the happy ones say, “What else is there?” Or perhaps, as often occurs, “It would be nice to stay a bit longer.” Whether mild or strong in intensity, there’s an underlying enquiry going on most of the time in all of us based on a desire for something more permanent than a mortal frame.

Aligning ourselves with our other dimensions – reuniting with our truer selves – progresses personal unfoldment. It’s everyone’s choice – to either unfold or to remain in ignorance, grasping at insignificant temporary satisfactions. 

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