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FED FIXES STOCK MARKET INDECES! Ain’t that ten times worse than fixing LIBOR? From http://www.examiner.com/article/fed-admits

“The Fed has artificially sustained markets.” – Dick Fisher, President of the Dallas Federal Reserve bank

Latest (November ’13): Would you believe it? Banks fix forex rates for their own benefit too! Absolute perfect crime! And no bank chief ever gets jailed. You couldn’t make it up in a fantasy novel, could you?

Why did the Pope really resign?‘Moral corrosion in his own shadowy cabal’ says Mail (U.K.) news article. “It is to save the Catholic Church from ignominy: He has voluntarily delivered himself up as a sacrificial lamb to purge the Church of what he calls ‘The Filth’” – John Cornwell.


Terrorism UK:  Quite a few respected political journalists (Peter Oborne and Peter Hitchins, to name but two) have suggested that drugged and stupefied individuals have cause the havoc(s) in 2017 and we’re not suffering terrorism orchestrated by ISIS or anyone else. Availability of drugs and Internet radicalism are the culprits, then??

“When truth is said, love is felt. When truth is faced, love prevails” Anon
“What we think is life is a cosmic dream.” Gururaj Ananda Yogi
“To be or not to be: There is NO question.” Repusa Tekram
“Every moment is a meditation. Recognise this!” Anon
‘Gossip can be a vile weapon, besmirching people’s characters unendingly, unfairly; invisible shots fired low, defaming the innocent.
Gossip harms the gossiper too, feeding the ego – thereby reinforcing personal weakness.
Preferably, try to stop it coming out. If you can’t, reflect on your weakness multiplied and fortified by each babble, let alone beefing up your karmic debt.
Minding one’s own business strengthens the soul immensely, synchronous with benefitting the community.’
Ajan Shalman

The diamond’s just a million reflections,
The pretty sky’s not really azure blue,
When we feel a series of emotions,
That’s all imagination too.

The solid form’s a zillion electrons,
It seems as if we’re here and then we’re dead,
This cosmic dream’s a marvellous attachment,
To an idea invented in the head.

The glory of our Self is full awakening,
To consciousness of now-ness without time,
The whole of us, suppressed by constant thinking,
Is the only “I” we’ll ever find sublime.

©John Lamb 2014

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