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A synopsis of Gururaj’s teachings

The human mind doesn’t operate in accordance with nature. Nature is balance, a harmonious flow. Everything in the universe flows in harmony – except the human mind.

Most people restrict their mind to a basis of using the five senses to think about solid matter, mostly directed at achievement, acquisition of material stuff, comfort, status and relationships. This forceful spiral of repetitiveness is created because the senses only respond to very low vibrations of energy, often referred to as lower dimensions. This restricts awareness; causes our limitations; establishes our troubles and failure to arrive at a position of ultimate satisfaction; forms a barrier against experiencing inner peace via our full consciousness. Full conscious is inherent continuously but the finer, purer vibrations of it are blocked by the mind’s continuous spiralling around at low wavelengths giving the impression that ‘matter’ is solid and real.

If you still the mind you can reduce stress dramatically. You also allow the vibrational frequencies and the timelessness and the non-separateness of the greater (dimensional) self to infiltrate into daily life. These finer qualities allow our sense of actual knowledge, our Real Self, to be re-established. In effect, it has never left us but we screen it from our consciousness because of prioritising intellect and ego, which demands the falsity, “I am an individual living in one place at a point in time progressing to another point in time.”

In short, we are made up of multi dimensions but we are only focusing on three of them. We are in effect fighting a continuous war of denial, against our whole self; our whole consciousness. And the fight takes its toll on us, often leading to ill health and untimely death. It’s like we’re trying to eat an apple but we get so hooked on the first nibble of the skin that we bluntly refuse to consume the whole fruit, thus forever wondering why the enjoyment of the apple remains elusive.

[*Since Gururaj’s demise, quantum mechanics has revealed solid matter is 99.9999999999999% nothing and the minuscule remainder is an electrical impulse, which is not solid either].

The qualities of the mostly ignored extra dimensions within and around us are very subtle but much more powerful than three-dimensional energy. Moreover, they are immediately accessible. And they can bring us peace and satisfaction as well as virtually any set of circumstances we require.

All that’s needed, to turn life into a joyous experience of satisfaction and harmony, is

  • to develop acceptance of what we really are (proven scientific facts)
  • to practice very simple balancing techniques including some meditation, and
  • to uncondition the absurdly conditioned mind using little tools and triggers in everyday life

By unfolding ourselves, using these three tenets, we align ourselves with our (true) nature. In doing so we quickly appreciate that life is a continuum – and it’s not a short visit to Earth lasting only a few decades. This statement may have seemed a bit hocus pocus until recently. But the discoveries within quantum physics have confirmed the existence of a boundary-less infinity, which we are! Gururaj taught definitively on all three tenets.

Using the subtle energies of our extra dimensions is our birthright. Fortuitously, those who wish to use them are now doing so without being viewed as strange. Enormous respect has emerged for yogic principles and the benefits derived from them. Yoga means union – union of our physical selves with our inner subtle energies. All sorts of alternative treatments are based on yogic principles; for example acupuncture, which targets greater dimensional energy meridians in our bodies. The same applies to martial arts, healing and visualisation…. etc.

There are other yogas too. The three tenets listed above come into the domain of Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga.

Everyone unfolds to yoga (union) eventually. Each individual starts their enquiry when the time is right for them. If sticking to the first bite of the apple, this lifetime, is right for a certain individual, that’s what they’ll do, regardless of the whole apple sitting there in front of them.

Judging each other can neither do any good nor be useful because it further conditions the mind. No one person can judge another correctly. The individual who doesn’t show an interest in union during this lifetime may already have progressed, in previous life, further along the evolutionary path than one who displays an avid interest right now.

We are all one. Scientists have arrived at this conclusion too. The apparent separation between (what looks like) objects, in a space-time environment, is essentially an illusion. Subsequently, no journey has taken place in an individual sense. This dictum becomes a knowingness, not a theory, by increasing one’s subtle energy awareness of the deeper layers within. All our subtle, more real consciousness is experienceable.

Extracts and clips of Gururaj’s work can be viewed at (courtesy of Ramon Leonato in Spain who compiled the website).

Beginners can also read Discover Your Subtle Self, and other books on this website which attempt to lay out the principles of the universal teachings Gururaj signified. See John’s Books on the menu above.


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