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The author, a meditation consultant, has used daily meditation, mindfulness and visualisation for more than 50 years. He studied under the guidance of, and was a close colleague of, Gururaj Ananda Yogi, from 1977 until Gururaj’s demise in 1988.

John was leader and chairman of The British Meditation Society for 30 years and has written several books in the Mind Bathing Series, including: Discover Your Subtle Self, Guarantee to Make the Law of Attraction Work and Melting Into Meditation.



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 Gururaj and John Jaish in 1980



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     Over the years, many times meditators have come to me for refreshers citing the following problems or doubts about their practices:

  • I can’t get quite what I’m looking for – occasionally I feel ‘nearly there ’
  • I get peace intermittently but not permanently
  • The practice is useful – couldn’t do without it – but where is this leading me?
  • I’ve reached a plateau (or) I still have some of the inner demons as before I started
  • I expect my persistence over a long period to give me serenity – but not yet, I still have problems

     It’s the same with other change for the better you want to make.

     Let’s say you want to lose weight after not succeeding, following many attempts. The KEY is to ingest less calories than you use up, no matter what fanciful title thousands of method come up with. Failure comes from not sticking to the routine. But the problem is not so much practical, it’s mind based. We fall short because the mind won’t adjust to accepting a newly found potential as ‘normal’, and so allows old patterns to take precedence. We can win by sheer determination because the solution is practical and we just have to get strong enough.

     Where meditation is concerned, we are trying to win a battle in which the mind is at loggerheads with the self – and you can’t clearly see what’s going on. The mind fights like a beast to avoid being conquered. It even tries, “You won’t exist any longer if you succeed at this.” It’s what we term subconscious. The trouble is we don’t recognise our subconscious at work!

     The mind allows thinking such as, “I like this; it’s calming and helps me with stress.” But in the unseen background it could be thinking, “Too much success here and I’m done for.”

     Amusingly, when maximum calm is eventually reached, the mind is quite happy to stop fighting; to become a helper rather than a dominant master. Why? Because it wasn’t really a controller in the first place. It was a bundle of impressions, caused by experiences, being allowed to run wild. The experiences and the impressions were simply minute particles of energy getting tangled up into a mesh we couldn’t peer through. Meditation, applied with emphasis in the right place, untangles these ‘webs of deceit’ by calming everything down. Without emphasis in the right place, the mind’s crafty ways continue.

     This is where the 5 sattvic keys come to the rescue. The mind tries, until conquered, to put emphasis in the wrong place. The tangled web, which the mind loves, casts a dark shadow on everything, screening out the clear road ahead. We need to light up the darkened highway.

     Sattva means light. The 5 keys turn on the light, so to speak. Light is available all the time in the form of truer thought, but it doesn’t get prominence while the lower mind is having its way.

     The 5 keys improve meditation experience. They also improve the immediate results we get from meditation. The keys therefore improve expedition of the longer term by-products such as improved health, longevity, relationships, self-help, problem solving, happiness etc. They allow the self-imposed ceiling on both positive outcomes and potential to be lifted so that more and more refinement can take place, facilitating access to any pinnacle of experience one might have as a goal.

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