Guarantee to Make the Law of Attraction Work


Guarantee to Make the Law of Attraction Work

By John Jaish Lamb

The author, a meditation consultant, has used daily meditation and visualisation for more than 50 years. He studied under the guidance of, and was a close colleague of, Gururaj Ananda Yogi from 1977 until Gururaj’s demise in 1988.

John has been Chairman of The British Meditation Society for 25 years and has written / compiled several other books in the Mind Bathing Series, including: Discover Your Subtle Self; Quantum Aspects of Self Realisation and Melting Into Meditation.



The contents of this publication are based upon the author’s experience and his interpretation of teachings expounded by Gururaj Ananda Yogi (1932–1988).

Neither the publisher nor the author offer professional advice to the individual reader. None of the ideas, practices and suggestions in this book are intended as a substitute for medical advice, which should be sought from health care professionals, i.e. suitably qualified physicians. Neither the author nor the publisher shall be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions in this book. All content shall be treated as opinion.


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First published in the United Kingdom in 2012 by Subeam Publications


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 You can get everything you like if you develop yourself to a stage to be able to demand it.”     – Gururaj Ananda Yogi

The opening quotation, above, can be verified by thousands of our fellow human beings who are developing the ability to bring themselves most of what they desire in life using the Law of Attraction, which is a natural magnetism.

So, how do you become ‘developed’, as Gururaj puts it? You learn the mechanics of the Law of Attraction and then you put into practice the main principles of this natural phenomenon.

This book could have been entitled, “How to Remove the Rubbish in Your Mind that Forms a Barrier to Your Effective Use of The Law of Attraction.” That title would have been too long but it might have reflected more accurately the problems that our over-busy minds create. The busy-ness of the mind is like a stopper in a bottle full of the elixir of life. Remove the stopper and everything will start to flow joyously.

The conscious mind is the ego mind, which has to continuously throw up all sorts of screens to retain its existence. The screens come about because the senses concentrate on information arriving from material stuff – sights, sounds etc. This sets off analysis by the intellect, which shuffles data into nice little packages of acceptable images. These images become barriers.

But if we stretch the ego mind to a see through opacity, it becomes very controllable. Once we can see through the ego we can observe the mind’s masterful trickery. Thereby we can inject destiny control into our mental capacity – a skill that’s severely lacking in us while the ego is in control. We need to become more aware of the whole consciousness that exists in us. Once we are aware of it, we can start to use it.

This book explores the mind’s framework, in its busy and its more relaxed forms, in diagrammatic form, in order to clarify these statements concerning the ego.

Our thoughts, which are just strings of words in our heads, are not much better than a random ‘tiptoe in the dark’, when it comes to directing ourselves efficiently. Thus, we self-inflict our own limitations in life. What we need is tools to guide us forward with strength and certainty – a route map of where we want to go.

Fortuitously, a solution to these mind-orientated goals has come to the fore. Multi-dimensional existence is now a scientific attestation. The extra dimensions, identified in us, are all we need to self-direct what life brings us. We simply have to access them. Rationalising what they are is the doorway we have to step through into a storeroom full of goodies.

Science has confirmed that time and space, i.e. separateness, only exists in our three-dimensional perception. All solid matter can be broken down infinitely. Everything is conjoined and not separate at all. Each individual therefore has a connection to every other object in existence. By accessing the forces of 4, 5, 6 or 7 dimensions we can exploit this undeniable connection. Limiting ourselves to three-dimensional power, in an attempt to move things into our domain, is like trying to crack a rock with a feather. By utilising our extra dimensions, we have a custom made rock crusher at hand.

As yet, most people have not come to terms with the potential power at hand for the individual human being. For those who are keen to exploit it, the ‘new knowledge’ needs to be quickly taken on because the general populace will be thwarted by those who try to counter the newfound science. Not least, those who wish to control mass thinking, from time to time, are likely to subdue or modify recent discoveries because utilising multi-dimensional energy has the potential of transferring untold power into the hands of the individual. Governmental power over the individual would indeed be seriously threatened if most people used even a fraction of their subtle energy resource.

So, grasp your self-power now, while you’re free to read about it. At this moment, with unrestricted access to recent discoveries, it’s up to each of us to decide whether or not we will take on this limitless efficacy.  The alternative is to remain in what may feel like the safe option of continuing to think that the (now redundant) concept of separate-ness should be allowed to continue limiting our personal potential.

I have a strong feeling the recent discovery of the multi-dimensional truth to be knowledge that has been previously used but quashed for several millennia. To acknowledge its significance is, to me, the ultimate step in the current round of human understanding that could help every individual create for themselves a better life.

Your multi-dimension-ness is what you are and what your destiny is. In other words it’s you, the REAL you, that creates everything with an inherent self power. But you’re probably blocking your effective use of it. This is fully explained. I advise readers to keep this truth in perspective. Recognising why it’s true will add to the effectiveness of using visualisation techniques to exploit the Law of Attraction.





Believe nothing,

no matter where you read it

or who has said it,

not even if I have said it,

unless it agrees with your own reason

and your own common sense



A countless number of people try to activate the Law of Attraction to their advantage but find it extremely challenging, if not unsuccessful. The two reasons are, I conclude:

  1. They’re trying to draw on the subtle energies that operate this very natural law but there’s a lack of understanding as to what subtle energies are or how their composition might be manipulated, and
  2. They may not realise how their own thinking patterns, both conscious and unconscious, block the flow of subtle energy.

Can this dilemma be solved? Unequivocally yes, is my answer to this question. Almost everyone can advantage themselves of the extremely powerful unseen energies, which are existent absolutely everywhere, in every tiny cell of matter, and in every space, inside and outside your body.

Trying to use the Law of Attraction unsuccessfully is analogous to having a hammer in your hand, hitting a nail using light taps of the handle. An efficient end result is fanciful.

To be more direct, you may have read a wonderful book like The Secret, by Rhondda Byrne. It’s such a lovely book, understandably getting you excited about being able to change your life into whatever you want it to be. You can’t help being enthused about our inbuilt magnetic power. Then you carefully picture a desired status or material acquisition coming to you, possibly convinced that images in your mind and loving feelings are all you need to achieve your goal.

To me, the knowledge you glean from books like The Secret is that hammers are a useful but blunt tool. Without knowing the make-up of the hammer and exactly how to wield it you could fall way short in accomplishing your desires, especially when it concerns sizeable life changes.

If you learn more about the subtle energies used in the natural Law of Attraction, you’ll be more capable of using them. It’s like getting familiar with the construction of the hammer – the blade, the butt, the handle, the claw and the striking face – and then learning how to swing it to knock nails in quickly and straight.

Some folk are already sufficiently integrated into the ways of subtle energy that they don’t need the information in this book. They are already aligned with the finer vibrations of energy that lie within and around us. In my experience, the majority are not aligned in such a way.

For the majority, who want to attract changes to suit their desires and their wellbeing, we’ll start by getting a reliable perspective on human existence and how the mind fools us into accepting personal limitations. Then we can look at how to use certain techniques in our everyday life, in order to align ourselves with the subtle energies we need to employ.


I’m going to refer quite a lot to energies, of both the physical kind and of the more subtle kind, which relate to our invisible dimensions we don’t normally use. But what is energy?

Energy is an impulse. An impulse is not easy to imagine. Therefore, you may wish to think of energy as an impulse that causes motion. You can witness the motion, but you can’t see the energy that produced the motion.

All energy causes motion. Energy can of course be stored so that it won’t cause motion until it is released, such as in a battery or a capacitor. But it remains energy. Stored energy is called potential energy. It’s there and it has to be dissipated in one way or another.

Now, what about the unseen subtle energies I’ve referred to above? Are they mystical or religious in any way or are they real measurable energies?

At one time, you might have thought that talking about energies of unseen dimensions sounded a bit ghoulish. However the fortuitous advancements in scientific proclamations, over the past 50 years, have wiped out this attitude at a stroke. Invisible energies have been proven to exist.

Today we know of parallel universes existing invisibly alongside the physical universe. We now know of dark energy and energy strings – the interconnectedness of all solid matter. These are all counterpart energies, natural ingredients of everything in existence. What is more, these energies are useable.

Solid Matter

Until recently solid matter was perceived as standalone stuff of a three-dimensional arrangement. Solid matter was presumed to be the only reality. If broken down, solid matter appeared to be smaller and smaller pieces of solid matter, the smallest being the atom. And that was it. The world seemed to be solid, the universe seemed to be solid objects. The eruption called the Big Bang – the biggest energy impulse – was thought to have produced incalculable amounts of solid matter and energy from almost nothing.

Accordingly, it was originally surmised that an individual entity, somewhere in the vast beyond, probably caused the explosion because no other answer seemed to fit all the conjecture about how and why the observed universe came into being. The universe was therefore called a ‘creation’ with an imagined invisible creator, behind the scenes, being responsible for it all.

Let’s update ourselves. Sub-atomic investigation, during the 20th century, has revealed that each speck of solid matter is not in fact solid. Put another way, what we see as solid matter is not limited to being solid, it has other qualities too – and lots of them. Definitive scientific statements acclaim that what we see as a three-dimensional object also has a four-dimensional quality, a five-dimensional quality, and so on. This means that solid matter is a dense representation, or an imperfect reflection, of finer energies.

The forth, fifth, and so on, dimension of energies in and around each object, are sometimes referred to as ‘dark’ or ‘shadow’ energy because they don’t operate in light in the same way as objects based on space-time appearance. Other descriptions are coming up too. I call all of these invisible energies subtle energy. There are thought to be 10 to 20 finer dimensions in everything. The number settled on at the time of writing is 11, so I use this number for reference.

[My ‘Allegorical Tale of Wunspot’ sets out an easy-to-understand description of what different dimensions of existence really means, for the non-scientific reader. An adaptation of this tale is included in the appendices of this book for those who wish to refer to it. I suggest you at least browse through it. Most of my readers and students have found it helpful]

So, you are not just a solid body. Each cell that forms your body is not solid either. However, you focus almost entirely on the three-dimensional aspect of yourself. Thus you restrict yourself to a very limited sense of what exists.

I’ve already mentioned String theory. This postulates that the presence of ‘extra’ dimensions means that all objects are interconnected (by invisible strings). From our restricted viewpoint, strings would be imagined as interconnecting threads, either in straight lines from one object to another or possibly going up to a higher dimension and back down to another object. In actuality, because multi-dimensions exist in everything, all objects are together in a whole-ness. What seems to be space-time gives us a (false) perception of distance being involved. So our minds continue to insist that existence is an arrangement of trillions of separate objects.

Another name you may have come across, M-Theory, affirms that all individuality, at any dimensional level of being, is multi-dimensional and not a standalone reality. Professor Stephen Hawking, the world’s best known physicist / mathematician of our time, describes this all-dimensional existence to be “a boundary-less infinite condition” as opposed to a limited source.

I feel I need to reiterate this all important fact because of its profound importance. When you think about existence being a boundary-less infinity, you have to acknowledge that existence has no beginning and no end. The three-dimensionally influenced mind will always speculate that everything has a beginning and an end. The physical universe obviously has this limitation. But in multi-dimensional terms, nothing starts and nothing ends. This is a fundamental denouement we should keep in mind. It’s the most profound discovery of our time and its ramifications are unimaginable.

The scientific statement I am anticipating, very soon I hope, is that each dimension is a different consciousness. I have not seen this declaration yet from the scientific community and I’m beginning to think I may not hear it from them in my remaining years. The appreciation that all states of being are simply consciousness is the conclusion to be drawn from the discovery of invisible dimensions. It’s the truth – and the ‘penny will soon drop’. A little more conviction may be gained, in this regard, by reading next section, which concerns our evolutionary inevitability.

Please hold in mind this revelation and get used to the stark reality of it. It will change your perspective on life which, in my view, with further attunements in your thinking process, will enable the Law of Attraction to be at your disposal rather than almost inaccessible.

 Accepting your evolutionary inevitability

To recap, we are not just solid objects coming and going, nor is anything in the seen universe. Human beings, as well as everything else perceived as matter, are multi-dimensional and are not limited to being solid or to being individual.

The question arises as to whether all these other dimensions disappear, for instance when a person’s body disintegrates. The answer to this question lies in the acceptance of the boundary-less infinite state.

A boundary-less infinity cannot gain or lose anything, can it? Thus the conclusion emanating, from acceptance of this theory, is that evolution is going on continuously and endlessly. Yes, it’s a continuum. Brane theory also supports this conclusion (referred to in chapter 3).

The next obvious question is, how does anything evolve in a continuum?

The answer is: At the highest level of consciousness – the height of the multi-dimensional state – there is no evolution.

Let me try to throw some more light on this statement. Pure consciousness, the boundary-less multi-dimensional state, is a oneness, without any other. It contains ‘everything’. But wholeness – or ‘all-ness’ – has no relationship, no duality, as ancient teachings put it. However, from the ‘no-thing’, which is all dimensions combined, manifestations happen continuously. They must do, otherwise we wouldn’t find ourselves in a three-dimensional state, would we?

But, what manifests? Limited consciousness manifests. Everything is consciousness. The ultimate consciousness is whole consciousness. All other consciousness is limited consciousness.

Hence we experience life as we know it here on Earth. It’s happening because we are witnessing, right now a three-dimensional form of ourselves.

Now, who is evolving you? Nobody else is evolving you. Nobody is holding your hand and guiding you. You are doing it yourself. You are whole consciousness as well as limited consciousness, albeit you are veiling your whole consciousness right now because of ego orientation.

You may find all this somewhat amazing, if you’ve not previously met this truth. But it’s all part of the Law of Attraction, which operates in every movement, in every change.

To repeat, you are responsible for your own evolution.

Whether you like the prospect of self-evolution or not, it’s a fact. People are often a little shocked when they first acknowledge self responsibility, because of redundant thinking instilled in us down the centuries. Many bluntly refuse to acknowledge it, because the prospect seems somewhat unbearable. If you are one of these folk, try to stay with me on this because I think I can help you, as I have helped myself, to quickly find the fantastic upliftment that enters your life with the acceptance of total self responsibility for your individual existence.

If you have a religion, nothing said here is attempting to challenge it. Whatever name you ascribe to the ‘highest form’ doesn’t matter in my view. What counts is your sincerity in trying to understand your life. I think all the great Masters, who’ve come to Earth to teach us, were experiencing the highest form of consciousness and they were attempting to describe that form, or source, to us.

 How you direct your evolution

First, we’ll take a brief look at the cycle of life. We need to do this in order to settle into at least a hypothetical possibility that you are evolving yourself by your own will. Then, we’ll move on to the human thinking process, which, for you, could need a few minor adjustments so that you can overcome the barrier building repetitions that cause your limitation.

On the subject of life cycles, I will not go into the finer details contained my book Discover Your Subtle Self. The whole story is there, if you care for it. But, assuming you have not read that book or you need a gentle reminder, I will condense the subject in the next seven paragraphs.

The human condition is a critical stage in your journey, where you are beginning to realise that you are on the path back to full consciousness. You have lived in mineral form, vegetable form, animal form and now human.

When I say you have lived these experiences I do not mean the person that is, say, John or Joan, or whatever label is ascribed to you this lifetime. What is reborn is an individual limited consciousness.

Individuality makes you think that everything exists in separate-ness. Whenever manifestation occurs there are separate pieces of some sort. In your experiences of many different lifetimes you have gained impressions as a separate entity and these impressions stick to you because they are yours. You don’t shed these impressions every time your ‘carrier’ body ceases life. It is a bundle of impressions that is you, and you keep rebirthing the bundle, over and over again, to encounter the experiences you need in order to get back to pure consciousness, which is your real home – your united one, real self.

After death your subtle (mental) body rests, not attached to the three-dimensional sphere at all, as a form of consciousness, and you automatically choose your next birth in the circumstances that are ideal for you.

The bundle of impressions, which is you, we call ‘samskaras’. Your samskaras influence everything you do, but they are not set in stone. They are changeable. And your duty to yourself (called your ‘dharma’) is to change your samskaras, so that you find your way back to pure, absolute consciousness, which is the boundary-less infinite state scientists now deliberate.

The nature in you, which is all those higher, finer dimensions in you, makes sure you head back home. Nature is nature and you are not going to get away from it or oppose it. But your individuality can choose at what speed to go. This depends on how much you, mostly subconsciously, want to suffer, by being attached to the lower dimensions instead of moving on to a smoother type of existence.

The last piece of the evolution jigsaw is your ‘karma’. Karma is the feelings you have at a very, very, deep level, due to balance that must occur in your individuality, to straighten out circumstances from the past – mostly past lifetimes.

Almost all of us spend many lives going round in circles, in the three-dimensional sphere, because samskaras and karma cause us plenty of suffering and a failure to quickly find ultimate answers. Thus, we don’t make very much evolutionary progress in one lifetime.

We need a way to get off the samskaric merry-go-round so that we can create newness. Therefore, arresting your karma to stop it holding you back and attending to your samskaras are critical factors in enabling you to exploit the Law of Attraction.

Next we need to know how the mind sifts the (mostly useless) information received through the senses. Our thinking is influenced by our character, which operates in the way it does because of our past experiences.


End of extract


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