Discover Your Subtle Self



 By John Lamb

 Edited by Georgia Rei

Based on the author’s understanding of the teachings of Gururaj Ananda (1932-1988)

 © Subeam 2010


Discover Your Subtle Self by John Lamb

Dedicated, with unending thanks, to an incredible mentor, Gururaj Ananda, and in memory of one of his ardent followers, the late Constance Joan Gibson (Oxford, UK) who sponsored this production.


 The contents of this publication are in small measure the author’s opinion and, largely, the teaching expounded by the author’s mentor, Gururaj Ananda Yogi (1932-1988) as interpreted by the author. Neither the publisher nor the author offer professional advice to the individual reader. None of the ideas, practices and suggestions in this book are intended as a substitute for medical advice, which should be sought from health care professionals, i.e. suitably qualified physicians. Neither the author nor the publisher shall be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion in this book. All content shall be treated as opinion.




Prologue                                                                                                     Page 1


Introduction                                                                                                Page 2


Chapter 1                                                                                                            Page 3


Knowledge vs. Belief – Dimensions – The allegorical tale of Wunspot – Individuality – What Actually Exists? – Do We Exist? – God, Love, Truth


Chapter 2                                                                                                           Page 17

YOUR Perspective, Your Route, Your Potential

How the Mind Actually Works – The Universal Mind – How The Subtle Mind Works – Subtle Mind Potency – Why Death Is Not Our Finality – Exactly What Happens After Death – Self-Evaluation – Where To Now; What Next? – Re-Birth


Chapter 3                                                                                                           Page 36


What is Karma? – The Shortcut to Calm Waters – Karma and Reincarnation are in Relativity – Do We Need Angels? – The Quest for Help – Are There Such Things as Guardian Angels? – Can the Personal God Help You?


Chapter 4                                                                                                          Page 47


What Is Your Goal? – Techniques & Principles of Attunement – Acceptance – Non-Attachment – Change


Chapter 5                                                                                                           Page 57


Uncovering Yourself – Conscious Effort – Inertia – Self-Reliance


Chapter 6                                                                                                          Page 65


Thought Control – Discrimination – Relating to Non-Time – Getting What You Want Using Subtle Energy


Chapter 7                                                                                                           Page 76


Letting Go – Non-Expectation – Awareness – Contemplation – Fearlessness – Confrontation – Taking Risks – Moving On – Prosperity – Self-Love – Self-Being – Non-Separation – Affirmations


Epilogue                                                                                                        Page 100

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 Several decades prior to the recent world-wide curiosity in The Law Of Attraction, Gururaj Ananda Yogi (1932-1988) had issued to his followers practical, workable instructions on how to control thought so as to engender a life full of satisfaction.

You can read a review of Gururaj’s life in the appendices of this book. His recorded teachings include exceedingly simple solutions for resolving why most people who attempt to use the Law Of Attraction – and other universal laws – oftentimes do not succeed. Most people don’t get to a state of entire satisfaction in life, whether they are attempting to use the Law of Attraction or not. But thousands of Gururaj’s students can testify to the effectiveness of his techniques which are unspeakably discerning.

It’s no coincidence that the majority of Gururaj’s students are living to a ripe old age, enjoying good health. And they often look young for their age, have all the love they want, material wants are fulfilled and they have peace in their lives.

Everyone has a subtle mind, which is the ordinary logic mechanism infused with as much subtle energy as possible. We use subtle energy by accessing many layers of finer energy vibrations, both inside and outside of our make up. Using the subtle mind expediently can solve our problems and our needs – and most desires too.

Users of subtle energy have convincing ‘inner feelings’ much of the time. They throw their minds open in a certain way and solutions to the largest of problems appear from unexpected sources.

Other advantages often occur too. For example,

  • sensing what other people are about to think or do, via vibrational attunement
  • sensing what is bad for health (against the majority view)
  • being guided away from danger / defending oneself
  • glimpsing multi-dimensional one-ness – the only actual state of being – thereby solving ‘the riddle of life’
  • acquiring material stuff or personal qualities (using the Law of Attraction)
  • overcoming fear and reducing the effects of stress
  • revitalising relationships

The benefits build and build. Using subtle energy doesn’t provide an instant fix to everything. The changes that come grow with repetitive use. Some effort is required to get all the advantages on offer but the rewards are truly worth pursuing.



 Your ordinary mind relates everything to solid matter, which, according to sub-atomic investigation, we now know is not real.

Most people allow the solid state we perceive to severely limit their lives by not addressing the possibility of going beyond the limitation of sensory input.

However, subtle energy is everywhere and is available in its fullness every nanosecond in time. Using it – instead of either denying it or not bothering with it – can change your life into whatever you want it to be without any further effort than you put in previously. So, it’s a matter of choice whether to accept your lot, as the saying goes – even when this includes a lot of buffeting around and not reaching your goals – or whether you turn the key to engender a life of happiness and fulfilment.

This book focuses on the state you can achieve during this lifetime where you overcome the restrictions of your conditioned mind, by utilising subtle energy.

Your individuality and your consciousness are evolving at a rate unwittingly set by you. The three-dimensional trap in which you are now caught up brings about all your problems. Once you pull free from the trap you can start flowing with your natural evolution (again). Your old ‘solid-mind’ thinking process will no longer be your puppeteer. You then have much more control over your evolution including your lifetime here.

To understand exactly how to achieve this position of renewed self power is as simple as reading an instruction manual. Whether or not you use the information you glean is entirely up to you.

There are three stages the book lays out.

The first stage is identifying yourself. This means basing your understanding of life in terms of what you really are, how you are evolving and how your ‘stuck’ mind patterning, which severely limits you, can be overcome. We explore the process of life cycles which predetermine your present existence and how you brought yourself here in the first place.

Secondly, practising what the author calls mind bathing is described – stilling techniques so simple and energising / stress relieving / life-solving they can only be described as delicious.

Thirdly, ‘unconditioning’ is highlighted. Almost everyone has an unconscious, inbuilt resistance to getting out of life what they would really like. If you employ unconditioning you can discover what your resistance is and turn your life around quickly. We look at triggers and tools that can be used to put this into effect.

All three ‘prongs’, above, come under the banner of mind bathing. To get most benefit, it’s pointless using one prong without the other two. The outcome of bringing them into daily life is an adjustment in perspective allied to a calmer, more positive and balanced outlook. The old stolid thinking process gradually gets replaced by your free, unencumbered mind, which is empowered by dimensions of your being previously beyond grasp. You recognise immediately the (re) kick-starting of the subtle energy flow within you.

Most people don’t change instantly because their image of life is challenged by new ideas of perception. But, once you open your mind to all possibilities, which this book helps you to do, it doesn’t take long to appreciate that your multi-dimensional, ultra powerful self is existent and useable.

Your self-built barriers to ultimate happiness can be broken down and dispensed with. Your birthright is infinite self power and nothing can stand in your way, except your restricted thinking process, which can be subtly readjusted, once you get to grips with the principles herein.




Chapter 1

 Mind Interpretation Versus Your Reality

 “Life is a continuum. It is not a number of decades during which each animal, human or plant ingests oxygen; nor even the number of millennia each planet takes to appear and disappear. You can confirm this in your own consciousness.”  Author

 Knowledge and Belief

What is life and what is death?

Life is generally regarded as being the experiences of your independent mechanism of flesh, organs, blood and bones from the moment you pop out of your mother’s body – or from the time of conception if you prefer to think that way – until you expire. Your death is said to be the moment in which you finish your last breath; everything stops and life expires.

From what viewpoint is this description made? It is made from the viewpoint of the human mind.

Most of us have no knowledge about anything beyond this solid, three-dimensional state. But what you see within the scope of the five senses is nothing more than a minuscule reflection of actual existence.

The human mind relates only to what is perceived as solid matter. It is the mind that tells you one state is a living state and another state is a dead state.

Because the human mind is exceedingly limited it is not much use trying to consider life as a whole phenomenon, including states beyond the mortal frame. Asking the mind to conceptualise a multi-dimensional phenomenon just doesn’t work.

The mind works on imagination and belief. Belief is a substitute for knowledge. Belief fills in the gap where knowledge is not existent. If you have knowledge you don’t need belief.

You can confirm the existence of your whole Self by experience. And, if you have that experience, you won’t need to use belief any longer.

You do not have to become a mystic to understand that whole life includes states of being other than an active mind in a breathing, blood-circulating mechanism. Eminent scientists have already uncovered the fact that there are many more (finer dimensional) states of existence superimposed on what we perceive with our five senses.

With this updated understanding in place, we have no further need to subject ourselves to conjecture. We can move forward from belief systems based on guesswork. We can rely on certain knowledge.

The discovery of more, finer dimensional states, will soon lead us to the automatic adjustment of much outdated religious dogma which, in recent millennia, was foisted upon us by would-be controllers and, occasionally, kind-spirited good samaritans. Much of this incomplete information was passed on in good faith but a good deal of it was the work of power freaks who wanted to control other people by means of fear (of the unknown).

I am not recommending you throw away your religion if you have one. All religions contain the seeds of truth. But when you know the truth of existence within yourself, you can deepen your faith and at the same time move beyond the idea of a Santa Claus type judge waiting for you in the far beyond.

By perceiving your wholeness you can become an honest, potent force in your own evolution. You can put suffering behind you. You can plan to streamline your excursions beyond this little life. You can master the universes, seen and unseen. You can liberate your soul.


To start, what do we actually know?

Everything, large or small, including every person and every cell or atom, has dimensional counterparts superimposed upon it. Scientists are now certain of this. They are calling these added dimensions ‘shadow’ energy or ‘dark’ energy. This includes all forms of energy that are known but unseen, including thought.

These subtle counterparts are imperceptible to our five senses. But we can now state with certainty that man/woman is multi-dimensional and not just three-dimensional.

We continue, for the time being, with our deep rooted limited perception, because we are preoccupied with what is solid – or what appears to be solid. It seems to us that solid matter is the realness of life.

Until recently, anything we thought of as existing ‘in the ether’ was more or less taboo. It was also considered more likely to be peripheral to, or in addition to, the physical universe which we have previously relied on to be our reality.

However, if we think from a multi-dimensional standpoint we can start to imagine the truer perspective of an infinite, multi-dimensional wholeness of which three-dimensional existence is just a compressed, limited angle of reflection.

One problem we have is how to think from a multi-dimensional viewpoint, when we largely have great difficulty in grasping what another dimension really is. Is it another sphere? If so, how can we imagine a sphere in terms of existence? How can we add one dimension to our lives or take one away?

Because the answers to these questions are difficult to comprehend, I once concocted a tale in an attempt to explain, to students of all ages, how to relate to this subject. It is an allegory that Gururaj, my mentor, urged me to publish. I will tell the tale now in the hope that it helps to clarify the issue.

Remember, all dimensions are here and now. They are not at some other place or some other time.

 The Allegorical Tale of Wunspot

Wunspot, whose name is derived from ‘one spot’, is a little being. We, in our three dimensional preoccupation, can’t see or feel him (or her) because Wunspot lives in a world consisting of one dimension only. He is so tiny that he has no width or height. We humans can’t actually locate Wunspot but we are aware that a single dimension definitely exists. We are certain of this because we know one dimension is the straight line distance from one point to another.

Another word for a straight line is a radian. A radian is a straight line of no definitive length and it doesn’t have to be visible. As I’ve said, Wunspot lives in the one dimensional plane of existence. He can only travel in a straight line, along one radian. He can move ‘backwards’ or ‘forwards’ any distance along the straight line, if there is nothing in his path. If there is something in his path he cannot move past it because he has no conception whatsoever of what is meant by sideways movement or vertical movement.



Wunspot stands in line all his life. Because Wunspot is conditioned to the limitations of ‘straight-lining’, he finds it virtually impossible to imagine an existence in two or more dimensions.

Tooway is a two dimensional being. Tooway has evolved to the awareness, and the restrictions, of two dimensions existing concurrently. Tooway has width although he has no height. He exists on what we humans would consider to be a flat surface or flat plane. Tooway can travel around other two dimensional beings to his heart’s content. He can move along radians in any direction in the flat plane, overtaking or turning at will.

Tooway thinks he is in a perfect world, compared to a one dimensional life. However, he has no idea that height – a third dimension that could be added to his existence – would bring undreamed of advantages to his life. So, like Wunspot, he lives within the strict limitations he imposes upon himself.



Threedee has risen to the dizzy peak of knowing that height, added to the dimensions of length and width, produces volume, solid matter and vertical movement.

Yes, it’s you and I who live in the solid world of three dimensions. We’re all Threedees. Like Tooway and his cohorts, we’re caught up in what we see as massive advantages of our limited-dimensional existence compared to a lower-dimensional existence. But we seldom give a thought to the inexplicable advantage that we could bring to ourselves by adding one more dimension to our existence, or to how this can be achieved by a realignment of our thinking mechanism.


Figure 3

Threedees can of course move over objects as well as around them. They think that 1,000 miles per hour is highly advanced travel. But they think that going from one side of the universe to the other side in a few milliseconds is an impossible dream. Like Wunspot and Tooway, they consider that to bring added dimension ideas into play is ridiculous.

So, Threedees live their lives crawling around and through solid matter in three-dimensional space.

Threedees acquire things and attach themselves mentally to other objects in an attempt to make their lives acceptable within the three dimensional sphere. These three-dimensional objects include people, animals, plants and mineral based products, which they term their ‘property’. Paradoxically, in a three dimensional sphere such as our world, all matter is changing and therefore cannot last. Threedees therefore live lives of much suffering when the objects of their desires change, move away or expire from the three dimensional sphere.

Many Threedees’ lives are a struggle which is brought about by their fenced-in spiral of individual thinking. As a result of being surrounded by so much ‘stuff’, they are not able to un-attach themselves from the idea that the three dimensional state is the ultimate form of existence. They want the solid state to be permanent but of course this can never be accomplished.

Even those Thredees who manage to acquire much material stuff only find very temporary satisfaction. Most of them are so caught up in trying to pad out their impermanent little life (here) that they fail to grasp the supremacy that life holds for them if they given a little attention to extra-dimensional abilities, which are very simple to effectuate.

Threedees are in the same trap as Wunspots and Tooways, simply because they fail to look beyond the dense constrictions of their limited existence.

Fourray – whose name is derived from four-ray – lives in four-dimensional state. Four-dimensional existence is easy to understand. Look back at the diagrams of one-dimensional and two-dimensional existences. To add another dimension, in each case, you simply add radians, again, in another direction – at any spot.

If we add an extra radian to either one or two dimensional forms we produce (what we call) ‘corners’.

Threedees don’t very often conceptualise that they are living a life of corners. They think they are living a life of objects. But they are really living a life of corners, which are limitations occurring as radians go off in three directions. Corners occur at every spot on every object and not just at the end of a straight edge. Corners are not always square either. Neither do they always go off from solid objects at right angles from each other. This makes no difference.

What I mean is if you look at, or run your hand along, the edge of any object you will notice that it is always limited. You always come to the end of it. That’s the limitation of three dimensions. Even if you imagine the space of the whole universe to be a three-dimensional object, which it is, you come to the end of it.

(Scientists will soon find the edges of the universe and discover other universes – millions of them – in the third dimension, continually evolving and expiring).

If you add more radians to the limitation of corners you will conceptualise the relative unlimitedness – compared to solid matter – of four dimensions.


Fig.4: Four dimensions are at a higher vibrational rate of motion – not reacting to light, as particles, but giving the slower dimension (3rd) the appearance of being solid matter.

So, in the one dimensional plane, you simply add one more radian to the single radian to uncover two dimensional existence. You do the same with two-dimensional existence to realise three-dimensional existence. You do the same again in three-dimensional existence to discover four-dimensional existence, and so on, ad infinitum.

The extra radians are unlimited in the fourth dimension even though my diagrams, and my explanation regarding corners, have graphically depicted only a few.

At every single point in the three-dimensional existence there are radians going off in a fourth plane, smaller than the eye or the tiniest measuring instrument can detect. This added plane of existence appears, from a diagram, to go ‘outward’ from what we see as solid matter but it also goes inward. Scientists call this phenomenon the String Theory.

This may be getting a little more difficult to appreciate than adding dimensions to the lives of Wunspot and Tooway. However, the principle is exactly the same. So, if you have a problem getting your head around this theory, go back to the start of the story and look at how Wunspot and Tooway had the same problem. We can see that Wunspot and Tooway restrict themselves by not opening up to new possibilities of consciousness. Therefore they remain constricted until they do.

In the same way, a four-dimensional mind can see that Threedees are restricting themselves to limited consciousness.

In recent times, Threedees have acquired a little inclination about the possibility of overcoming three dimensional barriers.

Here on earth, for example, we have conquered telegraphy and broadcasting without wires, the use of superconductors that offer no resistance, Kirlian photography which depicts vibrations around and within physical objects – to name but a few achievements. Moreover, sub-atomic science has revealed that solid matter is moving energy which, in dense (slow) vibrational stance simply has the appearance of being more solid than when in a high vibrational stance.

So, in scientific terms we have reached the point of agreeing that the next higher dimension (from us) is a higher vibrational reality than we can perceive around us using the five senses.

Fourrays would not conceive of limiting themselves to three-dimensional life, just as we refuse to entertain the idea of restricting ourselves to two-dimensional life.

One further step is needed to make our appreciation complete. Fourrays, because they are not limited to a tight framework, are not limited to shape but they still have vague form. They are energy like everything else. However, Fourrays are more powerful an energy than us because they are not subject to physical restrictions.

Fourrays can rearrange stuff in the third dimension without much effort just as Threedees can rearrange two-dimensional stuff. It’s just that Fourrays can do their thing with much less effort than Threedees because they’re not restricted to physics.

Furly is the name I have ascribed to the fifth dimensional being. I concocted this name from combining Five and Curly. It is going to be a bit more difficult for us Threedees to imagine adding radians to a fourth dimensional energy with which we have not yet come to terms. What happens in the fifth dimensional sphere is less limiting again, than in the fourth dimension. Time and space almost disappear and the concept of individuality is so vague as to be unnoticeable.

The radians that are added to Fourrays, to bring about Furlys, are not necessarily in straight lines – that’s why I’ve brought in the idea of ‘Curly’. In the vaguer but increasingly powerful higher dimensions, the straight line concept is so vast that it gets (what we perceive as) distorted. Higher dimensions ‘curl back’ on themselves. This is the reason why everything existent – in all dimensions together – is here and now.

Many more even subtler dimensions exist. Each higher stage is less restrictive and more powerful than the previous. At the 20th dimension, so to say, all separation is overcome. That is why, in actuality, we are all ‘one’.

In truth, you can’t count the presence of dimensions in numbers at all. Numbers are a three dimensional (existence) invention. The whole process of what we perceive as moving from one dimension into another is a matter of degree. The reason for this is because the process of reaching higher dimensions is not done in physical steps. It is a matter of the unfoldment of consciousness. However, our three dimensional perception prefers to think in numbers so I have kept to this principle.

What is obvious to us, however, is that any being existing in a constricted dimensional form who can adopt the power of a higher dimensional form, can gain formidable advantage over fellow beings who ignore the higher vibrational benefits. The advantages show themselves to beings like us in personal acumen, control over one’s destiny and in knowledge of higher truths.

The reality of this tale

I conceived of this tale, for the benefit of non scientific minds, in order to simplify the appreciation of limited dimensional existence and to understand what can be expected from adding more dimensions to our consciousness. This point is probably obvious to the reader already.

The whole focus here is that one and two dimensions do seem, to us, to exist within the three dimensional make-up. Why is this so?

If you take a cube of any material you can say that any of the six flat planes are two dimensional. However – and here comes the crunch – the two-dimensional surface does not exist on its own. Each two-dimensional surface is part of the cube couldn’t possibly exist alone because they have no thickness with which to define them as a stand alone reality. Therefore two dimensions is just a reference. We say the cube has height, width and depth, but each of those factors, or any two of them, cannot exist without the third.

For the same reason, one dimension does not exist on its own either. It is just a reference point.

Can you therefore see – at least as a hypothesis – how the three-dimensional existence, which you think is real, is not a total existence in itself either? The three dimensional state is just a reference point within the four-dimensional. The four-dimensional state is just a reference point within the five-dimensional – and so on. Accordingly, every sphere of consciousness is a limitation of whole consciousness.

Just as you can feel the surface of the cube and know it has no reality without the third dimension being present, you can also feel every solid object and know that it doesn’t exist on its own because it is part of the make up – an identifier – of a greater dimensional existence. Therefore, three dimensions – as with any other limited dimensional sphere – is a fragmentation of actuality. String Theory confirms this fact.

I want to spell this out again. I cannot over-emphasise this all important fact. Each limited dimensional existence is but an identifier. This identification enables the limited dimensional mind to perceive, and move on to, a greater reality.

The ultimate reality is One-ness, which has no counterpart with which to relate, in its pure form. One-ness identifies itself only via manifestation.

This is not philosophical hogwash. Science has identified these facts. When you look at them objectively, these revelations are no more surprising than the discovery, only a few centuries ago, that the world is spherical and not flat.

Now, science has also recognized that between ten and twenty dimensions are existent in every particle.

You can therefore verify, from nothing else than the simple truths depicted here, that the one and only reality comes about only when you have all dimensions at your disposal. This I refer to as the multi-dimensional existence.

So, we have confirmed that multi-dimensional existence is the one actuality. Moreover, science, at the end of 20th century, has postulated M Theory, which validates the multi-dimension-ness of our existence – the ‘multiverse’, as it is has been referred to by some scientists – which culminates in a boundary-less condition.

Why does the multi-dimensional existence, the one pure consciousness, break itself down into so many pieces?

When you experience pure, multi-dimensional, consciousness – which is a practical thing to do – you can (thereafter) conceive of a natural process that has happened. One-ness, the multi-dimensional self, has manifested itself. And this has occurred because one-ness has to identify itself, and it cannot do so in its pure form, which is one without another. Therefore, without intention or effort, as naturally as a flower gives off fragrance, manifestation comes about consisting of limited containments gradually cascading down from total consciousness. Hence the restrictions of various degrees of limited consciousness exist.

You might think that identifying the one pure consciousness is the exclusive right of mystics. This is not so. Countless folk like you and I have glimpses of this whole state of being, sufficient to confirm its existence and its qualities. Anyone can do this, if their mind is sufficiently quietened.

Whether you accept this or not, science and mystical knowledge has now come to the same answer – that three dimensional stuff is severely limited and has greater depths. These depths are ignored by most folk during daily life. But they are there and they are easily accessible.

Mankind has not always been in this ignorance. The consciousness of these depths – or heights if you prefer – was once used all the time. That is, before our minds went down a route which blocked off the use of most of our brain cells.

Limited consciousness, such as mankind uses now, is not natural. Unlimited consciousness is natural, not supernatural.

We will explore, under various other headings, why we spend such an extended amount of time in limited consciousness, how we can rid ourselves of all limitations – to tremendous advantage in life – and how we are all on an evolutionary path returning to total consciousness which is our inbuilt desire because we are continually drawing ourselves to a state of total satisfaction, a state of wholeness.

So what we have – what exists in actuality – is a multi-dimensional one-ness. The three dimensions, in which individuals perceive themselves to be contained, are fragments of the whole.

Each limited dimension is like a mirage. Yet in lower-dimensional existence – this one included – we treat our restricted life as real and we think of expanded consciousness as the mirage (that could possibly exist but might not).

What we can do, in order to rectify our ignorance, is de-restrict our consciousness. Thus we can at least prove to ourselves that a whole existence prevails. That’s why more and more people are availing themselves of what is referred to as expanded consciousness, via the various ‘yogas’.

The state of knowingness I am referring to is the natural consciousness that all human beings had before today’s restricted consciousness evolved, over hundreds of millennia.

We have effectively been living in the dark ages. But the latter half of the 20th century witnessed the beginning of the Aquarian Age and a massive change in perception is under way. Thank goodness!

The multi-dimensional, or highest, consciousness is the real you. It is the whole you. It is available to you – accessible now and at every moment. Your attachment to restricted dimensional activity is what veils your appreciation of oneness. However, those who have already regained full consciousness – referred to as self-realised beings – can travel the universe in milliseconds and can enter the state of highest consciousness at will. And, as far-fetched as this may sound, it’s really nothing special.

As soon as you cease to insist that solidity is our base reality, your consciousness starts to expand. And, in experiencing even the tiniest hint of expanded awareness it is possible to conclude, to re-cognise, that consciousness is the reality of life and what actually exists is an eternal continuum. With this recognition comes the acceptance that life is not just the appearance and disappearance of each little speck of cosmic dust, whether it is a cell, a human being, a rock, a gas, a planet or a universe.

We gain this awareness to some degree as soon as we take on the new viewpoint in our mind. By continually thinking from a wholeness-of-existence perspective, we open up new vistas of understanding. Later, we will discuss practical techniques that align us with our inner vast potential.


Most people are convinced of some sort of life hereafter. In the way the mind of a living human would analyse it, we say there are forms of life ‘higher’ than this one beyond this life.

But what we think of as a hereafter is human mind projection which has its basis in individualism and separateness.

Using the limitedness of the human mind, we think in terms of each particle, each person, or any other touchable item, as being separate from the other. We therefore project that one day, after death, we have to transform into another type of individual, separate from others, who carries on to another (unknown) life.

This brings about concern in us, ranging from a little trepidation to extreme fear. The result of this is the taboo we still carry with us. We reject deep discussion of life after death because we think the loss of our solid body is a chilling prospect. Leaving our near and dear ones and moving on to a strange environment doesn’t bear too much contemplation for the majority of us either.

On this subject there is good news. Each level of existence is a thought process. If you are convinced that you will become a fully fledged individual again when you pass over, in some sort of trouble-free world or heaven, you will do so. I will explain later how most people do this, for a limited period of time. So, don’t fear that anyone is going to ask you to drop your individual identity when you are not ready to do so.

In the second chapter of this book we will discuss what happens after ‘death’. There is no need to be afraid of anything after this life ends. The afterlife has been named heaven because it is sublime compared to this life.

You may of course already have some desire to let go of the ‘little me’ feeling (you have on this Earth) and progress to some higher form of existence. Wittingly or unwittingly, you make these decisions while you are here, and nobody else and no invisible power makes them for you. The current limitations on your growth potential are fixed by you and you can change, to evolve at a different pace, if you want to.

Your future as an individual is measureless compared to the brief interlude that is referred to as one lifetime. And this little lifetime is going to be over very soon. So why not plan now for your future? A little bit of open discussion is more likely to lighten your fears rather than deepen them, especially after acquiring some wholeness knowledge by means of exploiting your inner access hatch, which is easy to open.

Despite the advice in the paragraphs above, I do not advise anyone to seek knowledge in seclusion in preference to living normal daily life. Daily life is the greatest teacher!

Although you create your own individuality, you cannot walk away from the concept of individuality if you still need it in an evolutionary sense. Your future rebirths on Earth, or a similar plane, are inevitable – although the lessons you will face are chosen by you. It’s what Gururaj refers to as a choiceless choice.

Everything in the universe(s), in all dimensional spheres, operates in absolute precision with regard to its evolutionary progress. What you can do is to improve your lot, lessen your burdens and fears, fit yourself out with a restored present and an elevated future and control your destiny more competently within the universal laws that apply.

However, if you are presently feeling that you would like to get away from individualism because you are basically fed up with life and its experiences, due to currently having a bad deal or distress, then you are trying to swim against the tide.

Bad deals and negative feelings have to be worked out before you can progress to the smoother, less disturbed states. Fortunately, this can be assisted by using various techniques.

In other words you cannot commit spiritual suicide just because you are down in the dumps. That is impossible. You cannot get away from *karma by jumping off the merry-go-round – even by using physical suicide. You cannot side-step experiences that are only possible to have in these stretched out zones of existence such as Earth life. You move away from *karma by understanding how your mind works and by re-arranging your perceptions.

(*See glossary and chapter 3. Imagine karma to be an inner energy in you needing to be balanced.)

There will come a time in your evolution where you no longer need individuality because of your progression. To be able to understand this you will need to be able to perceive the difference between your readiness and your desire for progress.

So, your individuality is created by your mind and by your inner need to overcome it. How the mind conceives its framework and its subjects and objects will be explained under the heading How the Mind Works.

What Actually Exists? Do We Exist?

The infinite life within us never dies. Once that infinite, pure consciousness within us is realised (re-cognised) we have absolute knowledge that death of our actual energy form is an erroneous concept.

How is this realised? It becomes known by the inevitable recollection (one day, whether you desire it or not) that you are actually existence itself – and nothing else. This recollection just happens, unexpectedly. It is a dawning.

At this point you recollect an absoluteness that you (already) know. In that moment you are instantly able to confirm to yourself that you have always been aware of an ever present actuality – in every nanosecond of your life – and that you have veiled it from surface consciousness because you got involved with the illusion of individuality.

You will concurrently recognise that this absoluteness is closer to you than your skin, that this absoluteness applies to everything in existence, that there is no such phenomena as separateness and that this life is a minuscule idea, superimposed on what is real.

Furthermore, the (re)cognition of actuality enables you to distinguish clearly that the human mind is so constructed that it can never know this reality. You perceive that it is not the individual ‘you’ that is recognising this absoluteness. What you realise is that IT itself recognises itself and nothing else does – and IT is what you really are. IT does not recognise mind and mind does not recognise IT. With just a glimpse of this reality, you are momentarily without doubt that this personal worldly existence is conjured up in ‘mind’.

I am speaking from direct experience. A countless number of people on Earth, during every generation, get glimpses of actuality. Some are genuine spiritual giants and others are simply in the process of awakening. I, like most others, am in the process of awakening. There are only seven spiritual giants – true Masters – existent on Earth at any point in time. I am simply one of the seekers who has (identified that he has) glimpsed reality and who still has a goodly bundle of mind-stuff to iron out. The Masters can enter pure consciousness at will.

The (re)cognition of our pure consciousness should not to be confused with bliss. I’ll describe bliss later on, rather than get away from the subject of existence at this stage.

Whether or not you experience one-ness while you are embodied has no bearing on your progress or your potential. As a matter of interest, each of us brings into daily consciousness the experience of IT – absolute pure consciousness – at the cusp between the sleeping state and the waking state. Yes, we know IT so well. The human mind stifles these conscious recollections because, each time we awake, our minds start up by demanding sensory input.

I have referred here to our one actual consciousness – the one infinite source – as IT. There are many names for IT and most of these I have used or will be using in this book – such as ‘pure consciousness’, ‘divinity’, ‘non-separateness’, the ‘infinite energy’, the ‘impersonal god’, ‘actuality’, ‘oneness’, the ‘Real Self’. Gururaj and other Masters often shortcut all the descriptive names and phrases by referring to the one infinite source as IT. But the other descriptive word terms still prevail and are used invariably for the same purpose.

So, IT exists, has always existed and will always exist. IT is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. That is why we say that life itself is everlasting. The IT, which is our Self, can never be extinguished.

The nature of IT is to manifest, just as flowers gives off fragrance – without any conscious effort. But what we need to recognise is when IT manifests, IT also remains IT. The manifestation takes place concurrently, as if on parallel tracks. When you become enlightened you will realise this. From our relative viewpoint we can say that IT has to have some way of confirming its existence. From the viewpoint of IT there is no manifestation, because it is one and therefore does not experience duality. Only from the viewpoint of mind does anything appear to have manifested.

Therefore the (re)cognition of IT is not a recognition that comes from the deciphering process of the mind as we know it. When you glimpse IT you have momentarily gone beyond the mind and allowed your purest subtle consciousness to prevail. True understanding, of what I have tried to depict in the previous few paragraphs, then falls into place.

Each speck of the manifestation is making its way back to the oneness in a process of gradual realisation. This process is called nature.

There are many ways of saying that IT has to manifest itself. But this is really a waste of words. IT is known and the *universal mind is known, in our consciousness, but this knowledge is beyond all description. All that can be usefully said is a natural manifestation occurs without design, desire or effort. The manifestation erupts, expands and contracts again into its source. We can see this happening to the three-dimensional universe and this is a replication and a reflection of what happens on all (dimensional) levels concurrently.

(*see chapter 2)

In simple terms, what we are, as individuals, is consciousness in many forms and many dimensions, including pure consciousness (IT), which is the source of every object, every action and every thought.

In one sense you could say we do not exist at all – only IT exists, and IT is us and everything else – and that would be true. But our earthly forms are real to us and we have them and our evolution for the purpose of re-realising our reality. Each individual relative-ness is making its way back to the one reality.

What Is Love? What Is God? What Is Truth?

First, I will talk in terms of what love is not. One of my favourite popular musicians, David Gray, wrote, “Honey, if I’m honest, I still don’t know what love is.”

Popular music has become one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the world, the contents of which are based almost exclusively upon inter-personal emotion, which people refer to as love.

But love is not emotion. What loving partners feel for each other is emotion. What loving partners feel for each other is not love.

So, why are such feelings called love? Feelings are called love because, when emotions become blissful between two people, a euphoric satisfaction is experienced. The positive emotions experienced feel good, causing the human mind to react in a happy and light manner. What happens is that the euphoric state overtakes the intellectual mechanics of the mind allowing more of our inner subtle energy to flow. We become orientated more by feelings and less by logic. This is a higher dimensional experience.

The source of you and of all energy, subtle or purely physical, is love. Love is Truth (is God). Love, in its purest sense, is yet another name for pure consciousness (IT), the impersonal infinite energy from which all other energy springs.

Love filters through into emotion indistinctly when you are feeling good. Of course, emotion can knock you down as well as raise you up whereas love – real love – can only elevate you.

To reiterate, love itself is not the feelings and emotions that you experience. These feelings and emotions come from sensory input, as the mind map, shown in the next section, will demonstrate.

Love – pure love – is not involved in sensory input. Love is pure consciousness (located at the opposite end from sensory input on the mind map).

The mind continuously relates to sensory input and memory, and this is what veils pure love. The mind, working in this way, is what causes the emotions. Emotions, feelings and the like are energies rousted up within the framework of the (unreal) mind, based on sensory input, memory and ego.

Solutions to your romantic ‘love’ problems are brought about by de-intensifying your reactions to sensory input. If you become open to the flow of actual love, your sensory input and memory combination will start to lose its hold as an overall controller of your physical and mental self. Your negative emotions will thereby weaken, in respect of the hold they have on you.

Until you do get into this more pure flow of energy you will be buffeted around continually by your emotional responses. This buffeting reveals itself as having a ‘low’ for every ‘high’. Sometimes it seems as if there are more lows than highs.

Gururaj used to say that when you fall in love the emphasis in this phrase is that you fall. In the situation where you are besotted with someone, you have become attached because of a weakness rather than strength. The emotions then run high. The answer to this problem is to elevate yourself in love rather than fall. This will make a truer and longer lasting love match between any two people.

When you fall in love you eventually get over the fall. Feelings must then emerge on a different basis to establish a permanent relationship. In the true light of day, when the fall is recovered from, many couples find they do not have sufficient common ground to continue a long term partnership.

Gururaj also often voiced the following one of his many familiar phrases to his followers (chelas), “I do not love, I am love.” When you become love you will have risen above the effects of sensory input, memory and ego. Then you live in permanent bliss and there is nothing in the world that can affect you.

When you live in bliss you also live in this moment. When you live in the moment you are not affected by the past or the future. Then your mind, which imagines past and future in order to maintain its existence, ceases to have a hold over you.

As strange as this may sound, living in this moment is an extremely practical proposition. In reality there is no such thing as time, so by living in the moment you are aligning yourself with nature. You can learn a focusing technique, which I later refer to, for helping to live this moment.

Living this moment is a superb experience. You can do it from time to time or all the time. When you do, you will become focused. Consequently you’ll avoid being scattered, which results in going around in pointless and problematical circles all your life.

By living in the moment you will eliminate 90 percent of the energy you waste getting nowhere.

Some changes in perspective are required to live ‘the here and now’. But the result of doing so is that you cease to project thousands of useless images each day. Chapter 4 of this book refers to this. It is all a case of stripping out your conditioning. This is known as unconditioning. You replace the established ‘blocking’ thought processes with more useful ones.

Where does God really come in to all this? God is a man-made word depicting the almighty, eternal power of a source from which we stem.

We have just referred to that source as pure love (pure consciousness, IT). But can God and love be one and the same?

There is a saying, ‘God is love, is truth’. But this is confusing to the human mind because we pattern ourselves to think that everything in existence, including the ultimate eternalness, which we can’t see, is in the form of separate ‘things’.

It is this same patterning of the mind that insists on there being a separate being that produces the energy – the love, call it what you like – that is responsible for the birth of the universe.

Simultaneously, it is easy to hand over the ultimate responsibility for our lives to some supreme being who (we might imagine) created everything – albeit those who do so are content that such a being, presumably pictured as being of kind heart, oversees the devastation suffered in many corners of the globe.

It takes just one simple step to sort all this through. The answer is in the acceptance – which is not blind belief because you can prove it for yourself – that all existence is consciousness. Accordingly, you can easily understand that limited spheres of existence, like ours, produce the concept of separateness as an anchor to which our limited minds can relate.

With one glimpse of higher consciousness we can conceptualise the reality of oneness as opposed to separation. We come to the knowledge that God is love is truth – is us. There is no separation. All these words are meaningless. We – our consciousness – are the whole of everything. Yes, each (so called) individual can say, “I am the whole of everything.”

How can we accept this fact, take responsibility for it and utilise it to good and great effect in our present life and in our future?

First we need to know how the human mind really works. Unless we understand this, the facts above soon become some sort of fantasy in our memory. When we truly understand the mind we can see its limitations, its illusory status and its folly, all day long. We can move to a more real way of thinking – a more subtle way of thinking. This will bring with it real knowledge instead of belief, as well as untold self-power.


 Chapter 2

 Your Perspective – Your Route – Your Potential

 How the Mind Works

What is the human mind? The mind cannot be found anywhere, yet it forms the whole of your justification for yourself. Therefore, it rules your life.

Descartes stated, “I think, therefore I am.”

This saying attempts to define that without thought the human being is nothing. This is one way of looking at human life. It would be true if mankind could work out the whole of existence based on nothing other than three-dimensional energy. However, mankind cannot do that.

“I am that I am” comes from the highest perspective of all existence, the IT, and from this perspective the individual mind has no foundation. The very highest perspective is beyond the mind.

The individual mind works from sensory input and memory. The ego and the intellect, which are invisible, non-discernable calculators and assessors, juggle the information input by means of minute electrical (energy) impulses, into personally limited judgements which are stored at various levels of recall.


                                              Fig.5  The ‘mind-works’ map

mindworks jpeg

In the diagram, the large rectangle demonstrates how the mind is boxed in. The framework of the mind is a limited structure which tries to justify itself. It is self-made and self-limiting – an individuality that exists within itself only.

Appreciating how the mind really works enables you to utilise the mind to your advantage. This comes about by being able to reinforce your thinking mechanism with the all-powerful subtle extra-dimensional qualities of your being and of your universal mind. These incredible forces are always present in abundance and totally accessible.

Psychologists and psychiatrists focus on an individual’s closed circuit, not bringing into account the fact that each conscious mind relies not only on the subconscious but on the anchors of the more subtle minds within.

This statement may have been treated as somewhat heretical in the past. However, now that science has revealed our multi-dimensional make-up, the doubters of these principles are starting to acknowledge their reality.

The diagram demonstrates how the human being is governed mostly by the five senses – seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and hearing. Manas, which is really the conscious mind we use continuously, is influenced by these inputs.

The lower mind cannot function on its own.  The impressions in the lower mind are sent to the Chitta, which is the memory box. The deepest part of the Chitta is not immediately subject to conscious recall and we refer to it as the subconscious mind.

Because of the multitude of sensory inputs we have, many impressions are stored in the subconscious. Yet these impressions activate and motivate our actions – instructed by the conscious mind.

In addition, the conscious mind (Manas) requires identification because there is only a memory box from which images are formed, causing impressions.

The subconscious mind is like a box of pigeon holes where certain files, of every experience, are put.  So if you see a dog, that very act of seeing will transmit impulses within the conscious/subconscious mind for comparison – a dog that you have seen before – and only then the recognition occurs that it is a dog.  Otherwise you would not know if it’s a dog or a cat or a mouse.

This is only the first transmission.  The subconscious mind transmits itself to ego or the I, the individual I.

The sensory inputs of the conscious mind transmit to the subconscious for comparison. But after the comparison the mind has to identify itself with the ego sense in order to justify its existence. For without the ego sense, no one could really live.  Even the most perfected Master must have two per cent imperfection in him; otherwise he would lose all sense of individuality.  He wouldn’t be able to eat, sleep or perform any biological function.

Furthermore, the ego sense still requires certain guidance and that comes from the Buddhi which is intellect. The function of the intellect is to weigh the pros and cons. And, weighing the pros and cons, the Buddhi transmits images back to the ego, assessing how information or experience will fit in with your personal individual ego viewpoint.

For instance, you might like chicken. Why?  It’s because of the various impressions about chicken. The Buddhi analyses it and transmits it to your individual self with its likes and dislikes, and then it gets back to the memory box where it pulls out the file and says, “Ah, this is okay, chicken is fine, curried chicken or roast,” or whatever.  And that is submitted to the conscious mind where your five senses will start enjoying it.

How can this process be altered? The simple answer is that as the ego is lessened, the value of sensory inputs becomes less too.  And by lessening the value of the sensory inputs, you become less attached. You can reach the stage of non-attachment.

Understanding the ego is important. You are probably familiar with associating the ego of a person to be either a means to show off, a means to prefer oneself against others or a means to bolster up a vain, if not false, image.

But the ego I am referring to is much more basic. Each person identifies themselves to be an individual, solid item which assumes that the universe surrounds them and that they have a place which fits in the scheme of things, and that the whole scenario is important.

This is the viewpoint of the average person who insists on living solely the three -dimensional angle of perception because they don’t want to, or don’t know how to, take on a multi-dimensional standpoint. Most of humanity lives like this.

The ego cannot be destroyed and no attempt should be made to destroy it. We want to sublimate the ego – and this sublimation is not dependent on whether a person is vain, powerful or meek, confident or introverted. The ego is important. It has to be honoured. Identification of individuality is highly relevant if you find yourself embodied on this planet because there are lessons to learn by this means.

Honouring the ego does not conflict with lessening the ego. When I say the ego should be lessened I mean it should be clarified. It is like stretching the ego so that from a dark mass it becomes opaque, the result of which is to let a little light – or real knowledge – through it. In this way the ego and the effect of sensory input can be surmounted.

The ego is stretched and the effect of sensory input is lessened by partaking in regular yogic practices such as correct meditation. Correct meditation deals with thoughts in such a way that the thoughts do not affect you – for short periods of time. You momentarily go beyond the mind.

You can’t obliterate thoughts. That would be the same as trying to annihilate the ego. It’s impossible, however hard you try, and the attempt would not be conducive to mastering your mind. But you can get on top of your thought patterns, appreciate them for what they are and deal with them by using a simple mechanism involving thought presence and observation.

Each time you go beyond the thinking mind, using appropriate techniques, a little more of the wholeness of you is filtered through into the conscious mind.

In the diagram the superconscious is represented by a line behind the intellect. The semi-circle to the right represents infinity which contains all knowledge and all consciousness. It is known by one of the many names I have already referred to including pure consciousness or IT. It is also sometimes referred to as the spirit.

The spirit is infinite and eternal and, although you could say it is an individual’s spirit, it is also all of existence at the highest level of consciousness. This fact allows us to appreciate that the individual and the eternal oneness are the same. It is only an individual’s mind that says, “I am an individual”.

It is difficult to show everything beyond the human mind level in one diagram, without over complicating it. Just imagine that the semi circle (to the right) represents everything beyond the conscious and sub-conscious mind levels.

A useful tip, in using this mind diagram, is to imagine the limitedness of the mind within the rectangle to be 5 per cent of what we are and the limitlessness represented by the semi-circle to be 95 per cent of what we are. This helps in gaining a clearer perspective of our realness as well as our potential.

These percentage numbers are not accurate. I use these numbers, in a reference context, because scientists currently anticipate that there are up to 20 energy dimensions superimposed on what appears to be three dimensional existence. A 20 to 1 ratio seems to me a practical idea for the sake of our imagination. In actuality there are not numbers of dimensions. Numbers are a worldly counting mechanism. When you move from a lower reality to a higher reality it is a matter of degree. The unrestricted mind encompasses all. Limited mind focuses on limited fragments of the whole, thereby projecting separation, which necessarily incorporates a counting mechanism.

The sensory inputs to the mind are temporary so we need not allow them to affect us, but we do. The main cause of suffering and misery is because we pay so much attention to sensory inputs in the lower mind. The sensory inputs get planted in the subconscious mind in the form of impressions.

If you operate solely on assessment of sensory inputs, when you leave this physical body, the only thing that will go with you are these impressions, these thought forms which can also be called your subtle body, because your subtle body is composed of thought forms. And these thought forms will regulate your next birth.

So if you have mastered your thought processes before you leave this physical body, those thought forms formulate themselves for you to be born again in circumstances which are better for you than if you allow the mind to be your master.

All this is so simple. It’s so logical. Why is one child born in totally unhappy circumstances or ill or sick or maimed, while another child is born in wealth, riches and happiness?  There is no bearded old man up there dishing out unfairness. It is you yourself, it is your own karma that controls your destiny and your karma is backed up and formulated by the impressions of the subconscious. We’ll review how to dispel karma a little later on.

To repeat, the ego self has its own little self-importance. And the ego self cannot be totally destroyed.  You find many theologies trying to impress upon people that you must become ego-less. This is an impossibility because if you become ego-less you’ll have no recognition of your personality.

It is individuality, which is supported by the ego, which gives you some sense of consciousness.  The ego needs refining, not annihilating. And the more refined the ego becomes, the purer the consciousness becomes and the greater the awareness becomes.

Awareness is a thing where you just know.  It defies all analysis of the Buddhi, the intellect. You just know. When you are really aware you are attuned. This means you have become integrated, with a good deal of your subtle mind operating in you. Then, when you come to a fork in the road you’ll just take the correct turn instead of the wrong one because your mind is not such a separate entity to the universal mind.

In reality there’s only one mind and your mind is as vast as the entire universe. The reason you have no recognition of its vastness or universality is because of that individualisation of the ego.

By using self-integration practices such as personally prescribed meditation, one-pointedness focusing, subtle energy manipulation, ingesting prana or life-force, etc. together with attunement triggers, we find a greater control of the sensory inputs by which the majority of people are ruled. Refinement takes place throughout the mind mechanism.

There is endless subtle energy permeating you all the time, so why shouldn’t you use it to great effect instead of repeating these lifetimes of problems over and over again? The subconscious mind is made up of all kinds of impressions and it needs a good scouring to get you out of the ruts you are in, which you caused by the blockages you have piled up.

The intellect stands in the way of the spirit. When, through meditation and spiritual practices, this intellect is cleared up, it is like a dirty window you clean so you can see through it again. Then the full force of the spirit shines through. You can then use some of the 95 per cent greater energy of your Self that you have been missing out on. And there are so many practical ways in which you can benefit.

As the purer energy shines through, because of its clarity it will destroy the impressions which are darkness.  It will stretch the ego.  The more energy that shines through, the more transparent the stretched ego becomes. And it all improves together – the ego, the memory and reduction in the effect of the sensory inputs.

So, the mind-works diagram demonstrates that everything is permeated by the spirit. The spirit is your highest consciousness; your most subtle level of being. It goes through every facet of you. The only thing is for us to cognize it, recognise it, realise it and live it, which happens more and more as you gain power over your mind.

The impressions, which cause your limitations, can be largely dispelled.  Then your conscious mind will become less burdened and less coloured. You will be more real and more joyful, with a lighter mind, as well as becoming a more potent force regarding your life and your destiny. Right action will become automatic.

What traditional medical science does not yet understand is that to permanently change a tendency in your personality you need to allow your subtle or spiritual energy to infiltrate your mind. It is only by re-cognising a truer perspective of your existence that you can let go of old patternings.

Remember, the base ego is the overriding conviction that ‘I am an individual.’ This governs the boxed-in conditioning of the mind. But this is a false premise because it does not take into account the multi-dimensional perspective that your inner subtle energy allows.

Consequently, psychoanalysis has its extreme limitations. Analysts help you to appreciate the formulation of your patterning since childhood, to give you a reason for your tendencies. Therapies to address these tendencies can help in relieving the effect of your tendencies. But are tendencies completely eradicated by analysis? I think not.

Tendencies build up over countless lifetimes. Hence we are all born in different circumstances (that are perfect for addressing the tendencies). We have to change the tendencies ourselves if we want a permanent ‘cure.’ The only way to do this is to allow the superconscious to infiltrate the conscious. This is the perfectly natural reconditioning and revitalising process. In this way, darkness is dispelled. The light grows from dim to bright by turning up the energy source, not by examining the dimness.

The deepest levels of the subconscious mind are vast and patternings are taken from lifetime to lifetime until they are changed at their roots, not at their surface.

The re-activation of your universal Self is the permanent answer to controlling the human mind. You infiltrate some of the 95 per cent of you that is more or less dormant. It is not a re-activation of the spirit because the spirit is there all the time and so is every other level of subtle energy from the spirit level right down to the level of your boxed in three dimensional (related) mind.

We simply allow higher consciousness in. When higher consciousness is allowed in, it refreshes personal conception, personal acceptance and personal perspective.

The Universal Mind

The idea of a universal mind is not a strange one. Mind generally means arranged set or arranged form into which everything fits. There are trillions and trillions of energy motions happening every split second. The universe propels itself and everything fits perfectly and precisely into its confines. This is nature, and it works without instruction or analysis.

In the diagram, the universal mind would correspond with the finest superconscious area which is beyond the intellect and in touch with the spirit – but a manifestation of the spirit rather than the spirit itself.

In actuality there is only one mind and not a lot of separate minds. (See also ‘Non-Separation’). The one mind is the universal mind.

I am not talking here of the vast mass of planets rolling around thinking, “I am a universe.”  That would be how the human mind thinks. The universe(s) are a manifestation(s) and manifestation is pure nature. Nobody designed it and it cannot be stopped or altered. The manifestation comes about by impulses that just occur. We’ll examine why this happens later.

The universal mind, or soul, differentiates itself from the spirit. This very process of differentiation is necessary for the universe to remain in motion. The differentiation has to take various forms, through various stratas of existence, until it solidifies itself as an individual mind.

But apart from the individuality that mankind perceives, there is still this thread running through all those single beads, as the universal mind. So what each individual has to do is to combine the individual mind with the universal mind. Everything in the universe is operating by nature, except for human beings, or similar forms of life, with their veiled perspective. In pure nature, multi-dimensional consciousness is predominant. Nature operates without analysis.

The human mind restricts itself so confinedly. Animals don’t block their consciousness. Birds and many other creatures know what weather is coming next week or next month and they have no speech, no television, no barometers or satellites to assist them. Humans were once like this too but have now blocked their consciousness so badly that they have lost almost all of their nature. Humans have allowed themselves to suffer because the ego encourages living by non-nature.

Plants and minerals have consciousness too, as with everything else in the lower dimensional planes. Consciousness is like the engine of evolution, fuelled by the natural pure source of energy which all parts of the engine rely upon.

It is mankind that messes things up. Since the moment the first man or woman looked at his or her reflection and said, “I am something, therefore I will comfort myself (e.g. by means of power over others and by stockpiling material stuff),” then mankind started to suffer dissatisfaction and fear of death. The feeling of being separate then increased and increased until unity consciousness became blocked out.

Here is the basis of all suffering within mankind. It is the unseen existence, the 95 per cent consciousness human beings block out that can resolve every problem in the human scheme. It is this 95 per cent of consciousness, which is counterpart to every cell of physical existence, which science is now validating. Recent discoveries, resulting from sub-atomic investigation, hold the answers to previously unsolved mysteries.

Science also wants to know why things happen in the first place, but they can never discover why the universes started by measuring on the physical plane, if the hypotheses are based on limited consciousness.

The universal mind is an actuality and each individual can verify this for themselves. You cannot get a greater scientific confirmation than this. We are talking actuality here. We are talking of certainty and not numbers or amounts, which are changeable and therefore inaccurate.

Science has previously operated from the basis of something, somewhere, having been created. The new view of multi-dimension-ness has already changed the opinion of many who previously believed in a single controlling power-entity, to accepting that manifestation is an ongoing process rather than a design.

Another fact that can be experienced in higher consciousness will undoubtedly be helpful in scientific research. It is this: the universe expands, remains static and then implodes at the ratio of 1:4:2. This fact is also useful to us in our quest to uncondition the mind. One of several balance and stillness practices I recommend is designed to re-align us with our subtle and spiritual energies, by using this pulsation of the universe.

How Your Subtle Mind Works

In trying to gain advantage from re-activating our sense of universal-ness, we essentially have to start with the little self as a servile tool. We are in effect trying to awaken ourselves from a dream.

In the case of an ordinary dream we awake automatically. In the case of awakening from the illusion that we are three-dimensional beings, we have to become proactive. We have to solve this illusion for ourselves. There is no guide who can do it for us. Even the enlightened masters can only throw light on the path. We have to do the walking.

The little self of you includes your body, but it is mostly the mind – represented by the rectangle in the diagram. The universal self comprises our 95 per cent hidden consciousness and hidden power, which we want to access.

What is frequently referred to as the subtle mind is the combination of both aspects. In other words, the subtle mind is the individual mind re-activated by the infusion of any amount of the infinite subtle energy store within.

Put another way, the subtle mind is your earthly mind infused with a predominance of natural, subtle energy as opposed to your mind as it was when you relied solely on sensory input and memory logic. The greater the amount of inner subtle energy you open up to, the more subtle your mind becomes. The more subtle your mind becomes, the less limited you become and the more you are self-directed by the nature of you rather than the false superimposition you have conjured up because of ego orientation.

I want to delineate that the spirit is beyond all mind and all form. The spirit is the power, the essence from which everything springs – called by any name you wish to use – whereas the subtle mind is a utility for assisting the individual.

The spirit can be called upon. You do this by employing your own effort and focus. The spirit empowers the whole process but it does not consciously come to your aid. The spirit is not pro-active. The spirit does not have a mind. The spirit knows nothing of separation. Therefore it knows nothing either of space or objects, by which we human beings sense we are surrounded. The spirit is pure, untainted, non-dual.

I also want to clarify one further point. Do not confuse the subtle mind with the subtle body, to which I will refer later (see Exactly What Happens After Death). The subtle body is the term used for the ethereal you that carries on after the physical body is dropped and is a mental self untainted by sensory input or lower-dimensional restriction.

Subtle Mind Potency

The benefits of utilising the subtle mind are too numerous to describe. But the power to control your life and your destiny by using higher consciousness is unquestionable.

Once you start to live by means of a more subtle mind you will wonder how you could have lived your life before without doing so.

First there are the practical benefits of bringing about changes that you desire in your attitude, your environment, your confidence, your lifestyle etc. Secondly, there can be a massive reduction in stress and suffering. Thirdly, you can bring yourself almost anything from a parking space to a spouse; from prosperity to better health; from happiness to sublime bliss.

An additional (and optional) reward, if you want to refine your mind to the finest degree, is that you can re-discover the consciousness of your Real Self. This may not be your personal goal at this moment in your evolution. You do not have to use or pursue this final endeavour. The more practical benefits I have already mentioned can be exploited without any deep interest in higher consciousness or pure consciousness. But, certainly, the more you reveal your true self, the more joyful life will become.

The more that nature is allowed to be operating in you, the smoother your path becomes. You will also, having taken an interest in your Real Self during this lifetime, retain this patterning in your evolution.

As you will glean from the final chapters of this book, desired changes in your life can come overnight or over a much longer term, dependent upon how much you choose to cling to your old limited patterning and at what rate you are prepared to uncondition yourself. Whatever the rate of change, benefits will come. I have witnessed evidence of this from my encounters with thousands of people who brought subtle energy into their daily lives.

I emphasise again – there are no beliefs involved in exploiting your subtle mind. Neither will the process affect any belief you wish to retain, be it religious or otherwise.

Unconditioning is both the process and the upshot of using subtle energy. It is not reconditioning. Unconditioning is untwisting. Reconditioning is untwisting followed by twisting up again in a different pattern.

You can recondition your mind as you wish, if you wish. You take on what you want and you dump what you want to dump. Unconditioning is simply opening yourself up to the flow of your own greater nature, which you have been blocking with the incessant spiralling activity of the locked-in mind.

Why Death Is Not Our Finality

All your life you are honing in on your final moment – and death. But are you prepared for this inevitable event?

Most people refuse to contemplate their death, despite the inevitability of it being the only certainty in life.

No wonder our evolution is slowed down on this planet! Human beings generally don’t attempt to find out what death is all about. Consequently they don’t discover what life is all about either.

Few people grasp the concept of the purpose of life in its true perspective. Few have certain knowledge of any consciousness that exists after the body is shed. So they rely on belief or gut feeling. It is not surprising there is so much fear in humankind. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Most of us tend to put off thinking about death until very late in life. When the body starts to show signs of degradation at say, the 50 to 60 years age range, thoughts of old age start to creep in. By the 60 to 70 years age range the body feels older so thoughts of death are forced to the forefront. Yet most thoughts about death, even at that stage, are concerned with trying not to think about it!

Some folk, rather than fear being permanently asleep, worry about how they will be judged after death or how they will get on in a possibly uninviting, strange land of spiritual beings.

You may even try to console yourself with the idea that the afterlife will be acceptable because everyone else has gone there before – and that religious top-knobs have assured everyone for eons that the land of milk and honey awaits – unless we have been bad, when it will be a land of fire and brimstone!.

What you really need to know is the truth and then you will not be scared at all. Nor will you need to listen to anyone other than yourself. If you are not scared of death, you will be freer in life and get much more out of it.

We view our death as the end of life. We feel sorry for other people who die because we think that they might have stayed here a bit longer.

I will attempt to explain, even if I don’t convince you right away, that an early death does not take anything away from an individual. Moreover, there is no actual death but just a temporary cessation of the restricted consciousness we bestow on ourselves in these lower dimensions.

Life is a continuum which is not dependent on being embodied in the physical plane. Life and death of the body is an illusory superimposition.

All this philosophy and knowledge does not prevent pain in you when a beloved one passes on. The suffering caused by sudden loss is inevitable after a dear one departs. It is necessary to grieve because it is not healthy to keep feelings locked away. The limited mind needs to process its feelings if it is not to incur further blockages.

With a more subtle perspective predominating in us, we are assisted in imagining our lives coming and going like the new leaves on a tree each year. That’s a pertinent analogy because, like all nature, we are not meant to be here forever. The seasonal changing format of trees is one of the most treasured examples of our love of nature. We watch the leaves fall and celebrate their colours and the scene as a whole. Then we clean up the decayed matter and think of the new life soon to appear with the advent of spring. You can think of other analogies, I’m sure, as examples of our lives being in tune with nature.

I have a favourite extract from The Buddha which may help you, as it has helped me, over the loss of a loved one.

“These children and riches are mine” – thinking thus the fool is troubled. Since no one even owns himself, what is the sense in thinking my children (or loved ones) and my riches? Verily, it is the law of humanity that, although one accumulates thousands of worldly goods, one still succumbs to the spell of death. All hoardings will be dispersed; whatever rises will be cast down; all meetings must end in separation.” UDANAVARGA 1.20-22

This type of perspective helps us to think in terms of a wholeness of existence rather than treating the demise of each individual as a permanent tragedy. Each individual, passing on, goes back to nature; the natural process we all undergo, without resistance, after each few decades of three-dimensional consciousness.

When a person dies, celebrate their time on Earth. They have done what they can do. Then they have gone to a most peaceful and deserved rest where the mind is not continually nagging at them. They are in a semi-blissful state preparing for a new life opportunity.

 Exactly What Happens After Death?

Do not fear leaving the body. It is not a scary experience. To the contrary, it is going to be the most sublime experience of your life!

After a person dies, what happens to them? He or she sheds their physical body as we all know. But the human system, as well as anything and everything else, has not just one self, it has three selves. The physical self is the first component. Secondly, there is subtle self which is the mental body, and thirdly, there is that which empowers it all, the spiritual body.

You cast off the physical body like you cast off old garments, but the subtle body carries on.

The subtle body is the repository of all the experiences you have gained until the moment of parting, not only of this lifetime but of all the lives that your individual-ness has lived since the primal atom.

The subtle body or soul is the mental body and contained within it is the spiritual body. The two aspects of you that remain after shedding the physical body – the subtle and spiritual – will be operating in higher dimensions.

So the subtle body goes on and carries forth with it the impressions gained from the experiences the individual undergoes. These impressions are known as samskaras. Your subtle body is nothing else but a bundle of samskaras. These samskaras underpin the mind’s framework and play a huge part in moulding you as a person when you are in the physical body.

In the mental (subtle) body the power of intellect is still alive.  The power of discrimination is still alive but it becomes unfettered, unchained from the physical body and it functions, after the body is shed, at a far purer level.

So what have you really lost? You have only put aside the confused, discontent, imperfect part of yourself. The physical body is an encumbrance, like a weight we carry around.

The subtle body, drawing more power from the spiritual body and finding more clarity, can evaluate your situation more clearly.

At the moment of death, when the subtle body is released, then, being closer to the source, the various layers of consciousness in the subtle body automatically function as a Unity.

These layers are (a little) memory of the ordinary conscious mind, the total memory of the sub-conscious mind and its various levels plus the super-conscious mind. Having shed the physical body, you no longer use up the energies of the mental body that were wasted on sensory reaction and which were so fragmenting to you, causing your potential power and your potential happiness to be restricted.

            When you do meditation and other subtle energy practices you withdraw from the senses but you also have thought patterns in the way. The difference, after the body is dropped, is that you become oblivious of the physical; the subtle body can thereby function at its maximum level without effort and without the confusion caused by the conscious mind.

At the moment of death, the sub-conscious and the super-conscious and the memories of the conscious gather together into a much heightened state of vibration (which is experience-able here, in the body, if you integrate yourself).

In this heightened state of vibration every memory of this life becomes alive and you can see from the time of birth until the time of leaving your body. Everything flashes by sequentially in a panoramic view. But you see it in two different aspects. You see it sequentially – linearly – and at the same time you see it as wholeness.

This experience, in timelessness, becomes accessible because you momentarily capture the zenith of the universal mind. That high consciousness is virtually impressionless, so the reality of non-time comes to the fore and you experience that everything is here and now.

But your samskaras go with you.

You cannot settle in that impressionless sphere. The total here and now concept does not last and you settle yourself at the level of dimensional experience that your evolution allows.

Then your journey begins. It is a joyous journey. In the subtle state, the mental body experiences greater joy because it is closer to the real all-pervading spiritual self.  So the moment of death is joyous – something never ever to be feared.

Joy can be experienced here and now, by partaking in correct meditation, contemplation and spiritual practices that take you, quite naturally, beyond the body and beyond your little conscious mind. You can dive into the realms beyond the conscious mind and feel the joy permeating there; when you can experience that after death there is nothing but joy.

What is also highly pertinent (to the content of this book) is that you can, here and now, condition your experiences that will occur immediately after you pass on.

Any thought can be materialised and it can be materialised much more so in the subtle state of existence. For example, if you are very faithful to a belief that after death you are, say, going to live in a mansion and be surrounded by objects and people of your choice – you will get these in an experiential way in your mental (subtle) body.

Likewise, if you instill in your mind, now, that life after death is joyful, you will experience that joy. The only difference is that you can easily form a mental picture of a mansion and beautiful objects because you can see them. Joy is a more subtle experience. It is not from the sensory input.

The mind can project itself into a different dimension and often does so. This has been verified during near death experiences.  Because the mind has deep implanted memories of, say, a late relative, within this projection you could conjure up that person or persons and in that dimension you find them to be a reality.  But, in truth, it is nothing else than a projection. You find these sorts of experiences referred to in books that report of connections with the dead.

That is why mediumship should not be encouraged. The mechanics of mediumship are all projections, which are not reality. The experiences described are not real after-life experiences. They are mind conditionings. The medium is not a spiritual supremo. Mediums are dabbling – in a very low area in the next dimension – and are soaked in mind stuff like everyone else.

I would not have anything to do with such unreality if I were you, because you can easily be misguided by the conditioning of someone else’s mind, regardless of their good intentions.

That is not what you need and it is not what the person playing the medium needs. It may temporarily satisfy your mind or your broken heart or your loneliness, but you should try to rise above that. What is more, you can find every answer within yourself if you go about it in the right way.

You are responsible for yourself and to yourself. Why belittle that position? If you find a connection to other sources, you would be well advised to try to sublimate it. Don’t scatter it on to others because it is coloured with your mind conditioning.

Some mediums claim their audible source to be the spirit. This is not true. The spirit is pure consciousness. The spirit is one and not dual, and cannot speak words or have ideas or impressions of people or universes or any other various-dimensional stuff. Mediumship is of the individual mind. I call it mindiumship.

Joy, which is a real and natural experience, has nothing to do with your samskaras and it has nothing to do with the human concept of heaven and hell. Heaven and hell are here on Earth.

With your projections you can also create heaven and hell in another realm, if you want to, by sticking faithfully to that idea. Keep on believing that you are going to burn in the fires of hell and you are going to burn. Keep on believing that it’s going be joyful on the other side and that very mental conditioning that you are undergoing will make it joyful.

Yes, as many readers might be thinking, it could be a kind of self-hypnosis.  It could be a sort of brain-washing in yourself that certain thoughts will materialise on the subtler plane.  It is all nothing but projections caused by your conditioning.

So, the truth of the matter is that in the subtle state, when you have dropped the body, you do not have this encumbrance of the body with you. You are closer to the spirit. And the nature of the spiritual life is nothing but bliss and joy and you can feel it more intensely without a body.

The subtle mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind. Consequently, any projection you insist on taking with you when you die will be intensified while you hang on to it. Therefore, project joy and not fear.

If you are fearful in this life you will project such thoughts forward and give yourself a future life that tests your fear again until you stop being fearful. You must rise to joy eventually so why not do it now?

Here I should briefly mention the subject of suicide. Despite your moment of death being joyful, it is not positive to take your own life. Most people committing suicide cannot bear this life any longer. A few also do it because their minds are filled up with the euphoria of the ‘spirituality’ of less burdensome spheres that await us. These two reasons have the same basis – getting out of this life. But, while you are in your present body, there are lessons to be learned. There are steps forward to take that can only be taken in this sphere. Taking your own life will possibly cause a retrograde step in your evolution, whereas working at enjoying life – especially during a period when it is not enjoyable – will have a positive result.

Whatever your circumstances are in this life you will quickly make a better life using positivity all the time. This will lead you to some joy of life while in this body. If you die feeling joy and not fear you will benefit so much. The feelings that you take with you form the basis of the blueprint for your next life (or lives) as soon as you pass over.

I have experienced both fear and negativity. Therefore I know how difficult it is to engender positivity when all seems pointless. All I can say, to those who are feeling down, is that improvement will always come from remaining determined when you’re convinced that determination is slipping away from your grasp.

The mental pictures you take with you – the initial mental experiences (after death) caused by your mental projections acquired in the physical body – do dissipate as the nature of the spirit takes its course. Then you get a rest from the mental gymnastics that ran your life and caused your suffering.

When nature takes over, the mental body becomes so at one with the universal mind yet it retains its individuality. It experiences real joy to such an extent that you feel there is nothing else on the other side but just you. And it is so pleasurable.

There is no such thing as loneliness or dissatisfaction in the subtle body. And, being attuned to the universal mind, you have a panoramic view, in a subtle sense, of all there is.

Some accounts about the immediate happenings after death depict that you go through a tunnel and a light comes to meet you. That is not strictly true. What you see is your own light that is within you, your own spiritual light, which you, after discarding the physical body, and just having the finer mind left, can recognise. You come face to face with your subtle body, which is not separate from you but is a greater you.

The dissipating remnants of the mind’s images, because of losing consciousness when dying, which most of us do, could very temporarily feel that a tunnel is journeyed through. All images are just projections whether they are a tunnel or a person or anything else.

If you can achieve a fair degree of refinement you will experience a beautiful ecstasy, indescribable in words, transferring from the embodied conscious mind to the (body-free) subtle state in total consciousness, without mental images affecting you. This is known as dying consciously

If you do not achieve such a refined state while on Earth you will still feel a wonderful sense of freedom, having shed the encumbrance of this physical frame. You move away from a grosser environment into a much more fine environment, a more subtle environment, when the conscious mind is deadened and no suffering lingers at all.


When all the projections of the mind are sublimated, after first having a glimpse of the life you have lived, you start evaluating.

The evaluation is not a rational, analytical thinking process as we know it. It is natural and is very subtle and will always be totally one hundred percent accurate, being so close to the spiritual self.  When I say the evaluation is subtle I mean it is a natural sense that takes over and not a sense that is reacting to any sensory input. There is no reaction or emotion involved. Your higher, pure self is predominating. You recognise your subtle self and it is totally accepted.

You evaluate not only this past lifetime but the entire existence of the individual soul that forms the subtle body. This becomes possible because, as you progress deeper into the subtle state, you don’t hang on to the (three-dimensional) idea that evolution is a time-based concept.

The evaluation that takes place is based on the principle of evolution because, just as the physical body dies, the subtle body too will have to die at some stage when everything is cleansed from it.

The subtle body has greater strength than the physical body and it lasts many, many millions of years. The physical body has lasted for millions of years in different forms; right from the atom to the plant, to the animal, to the human, but is not continuous. The subtle body is continuous.

The subtle body lasts until it becomes free of samskaras, free from all the impressions that are clouding it. For although it is close to the spiritual light, and more of the spiritual light filters through, it does not filter through in its totality because the subtle body is affected by the various lifetime experiences.

The subtle body, being more open to the pure spirit, evaluates that it has to clean off all the dirt from itself and it never resists the cleansing method needed.

What is the best possible way forward? What is the best possible planet to go to now for a particular lesson that I have to learn? Should I come back to this planet or to another?  What sort of form should I take? What would be the best path for me that would be most compatible for this entity? Which would be the best vehicles for this entity to take birth through?

All these evaluations are made by you. There is no father sitting up on a high chair, with books and an assistant, saying “Dearest John, on this date you did this and on this date you did that and this is how you will answer for it.” You answer to yourself.

This is not in contradiction to any theology. This is in compliance with theology. Many of the things that are said in the religions are expressed symbolically but we have to understand the basis of the symbolism; the figurative meaning rather than just the literal value or just reading the words. We’ve got to read into, around, above, below and sideways of what is being taught. Then we can understand better what theology is trying to tell us.

In the individual personal judgment that occurs the great thing is that even the most dishonest or bad person, while living in the physical body, becomes the most honest person in his or her judging.

Each individual judges themselves accurately because there is a true feeling of joy and the greater joy is present to such a degree that the joy wants to proceed to an even greater joy.

Therefore there are no mistakes. It’s like an inbuilt spiritual inducement. So, conditions for the next lifetime will be perfect for learning that has to take place in order to progress individual evolution to a higher spiritual plane.

Lessons cannot be learned in the subtle state. In that subtle state you remain static. You just function within yourself and within the boundaries of evaluation. There is no evolution, no moving forwards or backwards, in the subtle state. For any entity to progress it needs all three aspects of the individual self – physical, mental and spiritual. That is why our physical bodies are necessary.

That is why theology would say ‘Your body is the temple of God.’  Therefore this body is just as important as the subtle body. It is through the physical body that actions are performed. It is through the physical body that the subtle body finds a vehicle to experience or re-experience its own impressions.

So, do not under-estimate the value of the little 5 per cent mind we use while we are here. It is just as important as the dormant 95 per cent. But we can evolve faster and more joyfully if the 95 per cent dormancy is awakened while we are here. And, in awakening the 95 per cent dormant part while we are here, we doubly benefit ourselves on the other side because we have already started experiencing the reality of ourselves. Becoming familiar with it, we purify our mind and rise to higher dimensions in our rest state between lives.

It should now be evident that by doing meditation and spiritual practices you can help yourself in the afterlife as well as improve your lot while you are here. As the Bible puts it, you are ‘storing up treasures in (your) heaven’.

Heaven isn’t actually a place. You do not actually go anywhere in the subtle body. In truth everything takes up the same space – if you can call it that. Everything is here and now. All that happens is that the subtle you takes over, in the non-physical realm.

Where To Now; What Next?

As I have said, the journey is still a long journey for the subtle layers of the mind – the subtle body. Your samskaric bundle (of impressions) will choose which vehicle it is to be born through. We don’t choose our children. Our children choose us.

In our subtle form, we choose our parents when we find the right genetic combination – the right level of evolution most compatible to the lessons we have to learn. This is why one person is born in happiness and another in unhappiness. This is governed by karma.

Karma forms an integral part of the subtle body. Karma exists in the subtle body in an impression form. Karma, which is action, transfers or transforms itself into the impressions (which we call samskaras). So, by thought, we produce action and by action we revert back into thought. It works in a circle and goes around and around – the subtle body going on, birth after birth, learning all the lessons it has to learn.

To help appreciate this, you could imagine that your subtle body is the director of your evolutionary story. In looking at the print it can sense that part of the text, even a single letter or a full stop, has faults, and the only way to perfect the adjustment needed is to apply a magnifying glass to the letters to see every little detail. The drawn out time and feeling of separation in the three dimensional sphere is the effect of looking through the microscope.

The adjustments cannot be made in the subtle body state; therefore your rebirth is the perfect magnification needed to potentially achieve the tidying up needed.

Now, in this mode, learning does not mean acquiring knowledge. It means shedding impressions. It means unlearning. It also means becoming non-attached, in the physical body – not by reading about it but by doing it.

Our subtle body is cluttered and what we call learning is actually cleaning up, unlearning, until it attains that state of purity. And when it attains that state of purity where all the unlearning has been done, when all the impressions are resolved, the sheath of the subtle body becomes totally transparent.

Then it merges into the superconscious mind. Then the subtle body disintegrates by merging back into the one-ness, just as the physical body has disintegrated at the end of a lifetime.

 Impressions are thought forms

No energy can ever be destroyed. Samskaras are thought forms and thought forms are energy. Energy just changes form. In this regard, the impressions you discard will be picked up by a soul evolving at a lower level just as you did when you took them on.

It is beneficial to remember this. You attach yourself to thought forms or detach yourself from them. You do not create them. This is not difficult to understand. Your individualness is not real – it is all in the mind – so how can it create anything?

I will not go into detail here but simply mention how, for instance, art of any kind is not created by the producer of it. It is all picked up by the subtle mind. Every thought, every idea, every composition that has ever been produced, or ever will be, is here and now. It is all a case of picking up on another piece of evolution you have not picked up on before.

The point here is a very important one. Thought is energy and your thought process is governed by your samskaras. And, thought is deed as far as your evolution is concerned. So, if you think negatively you will attract more negativity to you.

Therefore if you are a negative person you would be well advised to do everything in your power to dispense with your negative attitude. This is a practical matter and you do it by sheer determination.

You decide when you are going to change. Nothing outside you does that for you. Meditation and subtle energy practices may help to bring you to the stage where you want to change but you make the decision.

If you accentuate negativity here on Earth you will accentuate negativity more powerfully in the subtle body. Therefore you will give yourself suffering in the next lifetime until you break the circle of being negative.

Your life here is for the purpose of smoothing out your evolution. So, if you catch yourself feeling negative try to dispense with the negativity as soon as you possibly can – no matter what the situation or how much something might be hurting or upsetting you. Positivity is the single key to a better life here and a smoother life in the future. Negativity heaps bad karma on you.

Negativity is not in the flow of nature. You can only break the circle of negativity yourself. There is nobody in the beyond to say, “Oh you poor person, you have suffered, let me put that all aside for you.”

If you think positively, which everyone is capable of doing, you will attract more and more positivity to you. As I have already stated, nothing is destroyed. Everything is energy, changing form continuously. There is positivity floating around you and there is negativity floating around you. You can have as much of either as you choose. Yes, if you are negative you are choosing negativity. Even though a negative person may not think this is a choice, negativity is simply a rejection of positivity, and vice versa.

So, from the conscious mind you clean up more and more of the sub-conscious mind. Eventually you get so clarified, so integrated, that mergence with the one pure consciousness takes place.

The amazing thing is that you can take millions of lifetimes or you can do it here and now. Just get yourself beyond the body, the mind, the sub-conscious mind, the superconscious mind and you can, here and now, merge into the highest consciousness. It can be done. Then you can say, “I and my father are one.” This is another allegorical term, which suited the simpler minds of people thousands of years ago.

Most of us, though, allow our egos to master us for many, many lifetimes. We continue in this vein until some spark lights in us when we realise that embodied life holds no short-term or long-term permanent solutions and is only a testing ground, so we start wanting to change things.



The average (Earth) time for a soul to be in the state in-between lives is about 30 years. Time does not mean the same, as it does to us, in the subtle body. The drawn out time experience in the physical body is necessary for creating the opportunity for the actions, changes and understanding we need to take on.

In the subtle body the individual soul is not really time conscious and it searches incessantly for the circumstances in which to be born. Each soul can sense what it will experience in its next childhood by being born of a couple who are about to conceive. Because of the make up of one or both of the conceivers and the future (known) outcome of the relationship between them, conditions of the soul’s upbringing will be perfect for the rebirth in terms of tests needed.

Souls are flowing through such couplings all the time. There are countless numbers of them almost warring to attach themselves to the birth that will ensue from the coupling. This effort is not fighting as such but a continuous work-like struggle.

The soul does everything by feeling vibrations rather than thinking. The soul attaches itself to a male sperm, which fights to fertilise the egg. Each soul tries again and again until it is successful. Each life is willingly taken on as an opportunity – a precious gift.

There are no accidents about the circumstances of your birth. You pressed yourself into the opportunity, which is what every lifetime is, no matter what circumstances accompany it.

Do treat this life as a precious gift and an opportunity to realise your evolutionary status – and do something about it. That’s what life is. You’ll waste it all if you get caught up in too much trivia or the idea that temporary pleasures are the ultimate answer to the search for fulfillment.

Of course you should have lots of fun and pleasure. “Life without fun is an unbuttered bun,” is one of Gururaj’s often quoted sayings and is a great reminder to be light and positive. But do try also to come to terms with the bigger picture while you go along because that’s what really matters to you.

The exceptions to the average time of rebirth are the highly evolved or the lowly evolved souls. These are a minority.

A highly evolved individual does not need many more lives. Their periods of peace, between lives, are extensive and will include rising to higher planes.

Becoming a highly evolved soul is not reserved for a few holy personalities. This happens to all individuals. You, whoever you are now, and whatever you have done in the past, will become a highly evolved individual and eventually merge into oneness. This is an unquestionable truth.

A lowly evolved soul will need a much longer period of reflection than the average, and it can find itself stuck for a long time between lives, in reflection and introspection, in a low plane beyond this one. This would probably include someone who has been responsible for causing a lot of suffering. These souls have a difficult task finding a suitable rebirth.

Religions might refer to this drawn out task of reflection and re-selection as hell. But there is no fire and brimstone or eternal torture going on anywhere in the beyond and neither is there judgment in other spheres by any other soul. Every soul seeks out the perfect circumstances for a rebirth in which to learn the lessons needed.

So, every person will pay back, as it were, during these time-imagined lifetimes in the physical bodies. Each individual balances themselves with suffering in the conscious mind and each suffering is an opportunity to resolve samskaras.

Therefore, if you encounter people who experience much suffering on Earth, be sure that the recipients are doing themselves a great service of learning and balancing. Do not judge them but be positive. You might even lend a helping hand sometimes. That could be positive for you karmically, if you have no underlying ego purpose for doing a good deed.

What I mean here is that spontaneously helping somebody in need is usually the result of a happy and open vibration in you, towards the world at large. Whereas, do-gooding, as a continuous specific activity, is often a cover up by someone attempting to hide away from what needs attending to deep inside them.

For the person who is suffering badly, their shortest route to overcoming their suffering is to accept that distress is an irrevocable, self-imposed self responsibility and to become positive in attitude. I will explore next the facts about paying off karmic debt.

You can be sure that before you came here this time around you predetermined the perfect circumstances in which you needed to be born. Nothing happens by accident.

The time you spend on Earth is more or less pre-determined too. In this regard a person who dies at a young age either does not need any further experience of being embodied, or they cannot gain further learning in this lifetime.

Children who die at or close to birth often need just the vague idea of being embodied, so as to complete their cycle of rebirth in relation to three-dimensional existence, before they move on to a higher plane. They feel the vibrations that are just right to complete their balance. This can also apply to someone who is mentally retarded.

If you are either reading these facts for the first time or refreshing your memory of them, then the time is right for you to be doing so. You bring yourself to do things by free will and by divine will. Divine will means the higher consciousness part of you that is moving you on by natural evolution.

You pre-planned the major turning points in your life while in your subtle-body state. Then you directed yourself between these points while in the body using your conditioned mind, but you are also assisted by varying input from your subtle mind according to your mood and your perception. This is your free will.

Yes, the unfolding of your life will be such that the major points of change are inevitable – predetermined. What happens in the years in between the major changes is entirely up to you. Your free will is both your power and your responsibility.

The more positive you are in moving on from the bad experiences you encounter, the more progress you will make. Free will cannot alter the major turning points in life but free will involves your attitude and this is what makes all the difference to your future.

No doubt a large chunk of underprivileged society would state, from this earthly-life viewpoint, they would prefer to have been born in different circumstances. This could also apply in privileged society where individuals can also sometimes suffer horrific childhood experiences.

But, in the state beyond, your bundle of impressions ALWAYS provides itself with the most ideal circumstances for progress. All the faults and disadvantages that accompany the individual’s birth and upbringing are included. There are no mistakes. You cannot get away from Karma.

I am often asked if I think we belong to group families in this life and in the higher planes. I would answer this by saying that in this life we are frequently encountering souls who have the perfect vibration for us to align with, in order to test our ability to confront and to move on. Therefore our lessons are sometimes learned alongside souls who may have been relatives or close associates in past lives.

I do not go along with the idea of eternal group souls. We can move on from other souls whenever we wish. We will certainly always find further encounters with souls whose vibrations are perfect for testing us – giving us the opportunity to grow.

I do accept the concept of group karma where, for instance, a whole group of people suffer at the same time in one incident. Those individuals and their close ones who suffer as a result would all need the experience that befalls them. However the large number of people involved would not necessarily be connected to each other in their lives or learning patterns.

In summary, there is absolutely no alternative to your return journey to Earth, or a similar planet, to play out another role of experiences. There is no bargaining with any other entity on this score. Evolution happens whether you like it or not. And there is no such thing as like it or not in the state beyond. Evolution just takes place, in total precision.



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