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Peace for us – a newsy blog

I don’t often pen newsy blogs. But, now and then … heh? Maybe more to come – who knows.

To mark our 40 years together Suzanne and I have climbed outside the box, as they say. Not for the first time of course. We have acquired a cabin-like small dwelling in a peaceful private spot, intending to modify it a little, to suit us. Sue has always wanted to live later-life in a peaceful spot in a cabin near trees, elevated and with a view thrown in if possible. Quite a spec there, we thought! But something suddenly came up that suits the bill (as Shakti guides) so why not go ahead now? Oh well, I was looking forward my first winter in decades without boatyard work. Now I’ve got something to replace it.

If you haven’t delved into Shakti’s potential yourself you can always start with a bit of meditation. It draws the forces (we are) together in a more focused manner. The smallest particles ever, that can’t be seen, are everywhere inside and outside of us like a thick fog. That’s a proven fact now (e.g. Higgs Bosons). Overlooking our ability to use these particles – and even finer ones – is tantamount to wasting our most powerful force, which can be simply reached for and grasped if we train ourselves into frequent quietude.

I think most everyone will be using the ‘force’ in a few decades time; certainly in a century. So why miss out when we can now avoid dying unfulfilled?

Peace …. peace …. peace. Om, Shanti.

Why not take a peek at / / (Also equivalents in Canada, Spain, Denmark, Belgium and Ireland). There’s loads more out there including increasingly popular YouTube slots on Gururaj, Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Parsons, Vivekenanda, etc. Next year I hope to be getting on the go as well – and I’ll post the relevant info’ here.

Truth, my beloveds


Please accept: When truth is faced, absolute you appears

My dearly beloveds – especially my family and my extended family, including all those who practise absoluteness.

Life is getting short, for me. (Not the real me, the imagined me). Accordingly, I won’t continue with the long essays. I’ve just published my last book too. Short blogs and answers to FAQ’s are more appropriate now.

Why not give absolute reality a try? The suffering people go through trying to make a lie (apparent ‘life’) into truth is incredulous. What we’re searching for is so simple.

Letting go of an imagined ‘me’ is truth revealing but it remains a problem – because ‘me’ is imagined. How can you release yourself from being a ‘me’ when it’s something that’s not here in the first place, to which you’re indelibly attached because it’s your own museful creation?

Imagination keeps pestering until we refuse to energise it.

How can this be done? By practising truth. When you train yourself into truth, imagination loses its hold. Truth is known nowadays – proven. You don’t have to believe in truth any more. Be free to accept it and therein lies your liberation, like the key to handcuffs being turned to set you finally free from suffering.

Imagining you are John, Jayne, Jack or Jennifer is the same as if you’ve written a novel. It came out of your imagination and it remains in your imagination. Let go of that darned ego trip if you want to let go of suffering. The decision is yours.

Om, Shanti, shanti, shanti. (Peace or non-peace is your decision too, not someone else’s).






Letting in some light


What do we mean by being in the light or spreading the light? It’s not as if the world is dark all the time, is it? It might be more appropriate if sayings such as these depicted shedding some light – particularly when it comes to providing relief for our conditions such as confusion, anxiety or depression and, not least, responding to questions such as, “who am I?” and “what are we doing here for a very short period in these bodies?”

We need illumination in order to solve these everyday questions and problems; providing enlightening instruction as well as a ministration in our thinking mechanism.

Unfortunately, we’re all controlled by our minds. That’s confusing in itself, I know. We can’t locate the mind yet we acknowledge that all our movements and reaction are directed by it. As a piece of our bodies, the mind doesn’t exist. Yet, as a mechanism controlling all our output, supporting itself within itself, it has top place.

To go straight to the target, so to speak, let’s bring in the succinct statement about life’s formulation by the incredibly perceptive, competent and possibly spiritually enlightened Albert Einstein: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

This incredible but true statement sheds light on the question, “what are we?” We are simply energy; nothing but fine energy particles. The mind doesn’t exist – and there is no mind in the energy particles either. The mind has invented itself in the human brain – as an idea – out of these energy particles colliding with each other. The mind forms itself as a pattern of interacting energy particles. The mind – a formulated actionary patterning – tries to forge a satisfactory outcome for itself because the truth that we are only energy shakes its foundations to the core. (Refer to other blogs and articles that discuss why solid matter is an illusion).

In this way, the human being continually puts aside the truth that we are nothing and forms a false reality. Our first input comes when mummy says, “dummy / mummy / doggy / tree / milk / bed / dinner / (your) name / etc., etc,” It’s then that energy swirls start forming themselves into a furrowed pattern. This lifetime’s ‘mind’ begins and accordingly truth goes out the window. In Einstein’s view, when we match the frequency of solid matter that’s  what we get.

Rarely is there an alternative to this mold of upbringing, resulting in lives of unreality being lived in which we convert all energy flowing through us into thought and we insist success means cramming a plethora of facts into one tiny area of the brain. This gets us nowhere!

The young mind starts to formulate the idea of ‘mine’. This is where the word mind derived, of course; something solid belonging to me. And off we go. “I want this to satisfy me.” Or, “I want to be like him / her.” And a multitude of other mind figurations build up, based on the concept of mine, underscoring the fixed finite contrivance that me and mine is the only form of life.

Truth rarely comes back into the mind for most folk, in today’s intensely material existence, unless something goes wrong. When seemingly unsolvable problems come up they can’t be answered by the mind, so we suffer. But we suffer from the false concept of me and mine more than the problem itself. Even if nothing goes wrong until death threatens, hanging on to the imaginary ‘me & mine’ doesn’t solve anything because it’s an image based on solid matter, which doesn’t exist. Our contorted consciousness perceives apparent matter, ignoring the countless trillions of bosons (invisible fine energy particles) we consist of.

So when we say we’re living in the dark (needing a little light) we are referring to ignorance; living a false story instead of reality. Ignorance doesn’t mean stupidity it means ignoring something. In this case it’s ignoring our whole make up. Let’s very briefly see how the ‘mummy / dummy’ image quickly invites ignorance to be our life’s basis.

I refer here to the diagram below, copied from the article, at this site, ‘Conquer the Mind: Find Freedom’. You can quickly grasp how the mind processes input and has to bring in past & future (memory & projection), motivating actions based on exceedingly limited consciousness, enunciated by the intellectual wall, which forms a barrier to our unlimitedness.

Mind Universal map

In the limited boxed-in mind, the ego and the intellect entrap us into false ideas, encouraging false values.

However, the ego is also a useful tool. It’s never going to be jettisoned altogether because our biological functions would cease if it did. Our nature is to keep going, in order to ‘reach back home’, so we’re not going to readily sit down and decompose. We’ll keep the ego while we’re embodied.

But the ego can be stretched, to great advantage. When it’s stretched it becomes more ‘opaque’; can be seen through. When we get to grips with the crafty game the ego is playing we can use it for personal progress / evolution rather than have it kick us around the suffering zone, trying, eventually failing, to justify itself as a reality.

When we realise, and accept, we’re in charge of our own evolution the suffering diminishes. This may surprise you if, having spent most of your life to date as an ego / intellect junkie, the idea of dumping most of what you’ve valuably learned seems like a no-go area. But it’s true. Only the boxed-in mind existence contains suffering. Our greater more refined consciousness doesn’t suffer – and its qualities are easy to access; infusing equanimity and undisturbed harmony into everyday life. Our greater consciousness is not fazed by the idea of death either. So relying on it, instead of the mind, further reduces suffering of this sort.

A very practical method, for peppering our cunning mind with calm  the calm reality of our wholeness is to become the observer. Gururaj, my mentor, continually advised this method. Becoming the observer involves more than just looking at what happens in life, rather than the other way around. ‘Observing’ can sound a bit dispassionate. But it’s not. It means living life fully without being so attached to it. Suffering is always reduced in this way.

But becoming non-attached needs a prime principal to be prioritised; acceptance (of truth). That’s not something achieved overnight. Thus one can appreciate that becoming the observer is not a case of sitting around gazing at life or being spaced out. Observing, while using our natural resource of discrimination, is a process of working at truth; refusing to allow the mind to throw you into quasi-truth or non-truth.

If we don’t attempt to become involved with acceptance, the predominant ego says, “I am doing this” or “I am achieving that.” Whereas, in actuality the Real I – the unlimitedness – is the doer. We need to let go of the idea of little me being the doer. Life is a continuum for our unlimited consciousness, which is boundless. Continuing to imagine, “I am a little being who matters in a solid universe” can only cause suffering to continue.

In practising non-attachment we accept truth – accepting the world as it is rather than how we’d prefer it. What we perceive as solid matter is nothing but energy particles. The ego is simply energy particles too but in a distorted pattern. Attaching importance to these patternings, as I’ve said, causes all the suffering in life, which is unnecessary.

Becoming the observer releases the grip of attachment; a sure-fire practical way of allowing a little light in. However patterned we are at this point in time, we can gradually accept our reality, by staying awake to our truer finer existence. The uninterrupted flow of natural energy adapts to change and happily lives with uncertainty. The ego, when allowed to dominate, battles with natural energy and a never-ending painful fight ensues.

Finally, becoming the observer – working at truth – lets a lot of light in when it becomes apparent that ‘I AM RESPONSIBLE’ for my birth, my life, my karma and my afterlife. This stance is the great solver of all problems. Acknowledging this inexorable fact encourages the art of true love; letting energy flow without trying to get anything in return. It’s the mind, having no real basis, that needs to attach itself to things, situations, life-lines of many sorts including people. Whereas our inner reality just flows and changes without any needs.

I firmly believe meditation to be an invaluable tool and should also be encouraged as a practical tool for letting in some light; some true knowledge. Being calm helps enormously with becoming the observer, and vice-versa. But beware doing these practices if you have a stone cold resistance to greater truth or if you don’t want to move on from the boxed-in mind. It’s not advisable to antagonise the mind more than it is already!

In this regard, if you think you’re actually going to get something out of this life you can stop the flow of natural inner energy in its tracks. Try as you may, you can’t end up with perfection as the mind would imagine it. Neither can you take anything with you into your existence after this lifetime – except learning. Knowledge (of truth) brings progress in your evolution; nothing else does.

It’s not difficult to see that ‘light’ is ‘truth’ and letting it in leads to a life of greater comfort, free from suffering. To accomplish this enviable position we only require a tad of commitment to face the truth and a willingness to let go of ingrained mind-stuff. That’s how we match the frequency of the reality we want (Einstein); get to a finer, more real, vibration.

©John Lamb 05.09.2016

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Beyond the Illusion

Evolving Mind

” I don’t know why nobody told you – how to unfold you…….
I don’t know how someone controlled you – they bought and sold you
I don’t know how you were diverted … No one alerted you” (George Harrison)


Have you ever wanted to see beyond the illusion?

To what illusion am I referring? The illusion, we are living out, is the simple scientific actuality that what appears to be real – solid matter – is not real.

Is there any point in seeing through the illusion? Yes, there is. If you can sense the illusion in any meaningful way, you can rise above the difficulties of life, which are unambiguously unreal too. (We make them up in our unreal mind). If you don’t bother about seeing beyond the illusion, you’ll have lived nothing short of a mirage, missing out on determining your whole actuality and the incomparable experience of total satisfaction.

If you’re in any doubt, consider this: Sub-atomic viewfinders have revealed that everything giving the appearance of being solid (or liquid, or gas) is not solid at all. Well, it’s 99,9999999999999% nothing – and the remaining 0.000000000000000001% is an electrical impulse (a proton with a neutron flying around it) which is not solid either!

This scientific one hundred percent certainty may have passed you by, because you’ve been fully occupied working, paying taxes, having fun & carrying out all manner of responsibilities and activities. So, take a moment to look around you right now and notice how convinced you are that your body and everything else are separate solid objects with distance between them. This interpretation is incorrect, given the science now accepted.  Consequently, you have made an illusion your own reality.

How does the illusion occur? A baby is born with pure whole consciousness within its grasp. As it grows the brain starts perceiving information, via sense inputs through the eyes, ears etc., When this input commences, the brain is using very little of its potential. It’s encouraged to keep doing this via the input of ‘mummy’, ‘tree’, ‘dog’, etc. so it restricts itself to three of its eleven dimensions of consciousness. That’s what everyone else is doing so nothing is challenged in terms of life’s meaning. As a result an artificial centre is constructed (the mind) in order to deal with the world that it thinks is separate from what is imagined as ‘me’. This illusion continues through life unless the observer, within the conjured up individual consciousness, decides not to be fooled any longer.

The mind projects, on a sense basis, using less than one percent of  brain power. The mind is a little whirligig of ‘ideas’ that has no basis. You can’t find the mind. It’s not anywhere and it doesn’t know what the other 99% brain power knows – the whole picture. The whirligig is not anything except a pattern of impulses that ‘insists’ 3 dimensional consciousness is a reality. Without this insistence there is no foundation for separateness whatsoever. Mental patterns, in this regard, rely on space and time, which have long ago been proven chimerical. The mind has no foundation either but tries to justify itself by superimposing unreality on reality; rejecting whole consciousness.


Can you see the thick fog in and around everything? If you can’t, you are mind orientated rather than wholly conscious. But the fog is there, much denser than the weather unfriendly fog we’re used to. The fog is made up of tiny particles known as bosons, which are not perceptible by the human senses or by measuring instruments. (However proof that it’s there – everywhere – has been confirmed in the Large Hadron Collider experiment – results announced 04. 07. 2012). The bosons, in what we refer to as the fourth dimension, give matter its mass in the same way as a whole cube gives one face of the cube the appearance that’s it’s two dimensional (but it’s not).

The ‘one percent mind’ has difficulty tuning into the more real dimensions because it’s too busy spreading the whitewash over itself. It goes along, in the whirligig, from senses to ego to memory to intellect (the putting into place everything that’s sensed) and back to senses.

The only way to get back to reality is to still the mind completely, which stops it misting up the clarity of pure consciousness. Unless we go beyond the mind like this, we’re stuck with a very restricted, self-imposed, partial consciousness, which obscures truth to the utmost.

Our brains, using so little in terms of our potential intelligence, lie more or less dormant, allowing solid matter to be ‘created’ by the mind instead of seeing the whole picture. Putting the mind aside reawakens our whole consciousness immediately.

So, we can change our self-imposed imprisonment using a few more brain cells (pun not intended). This has been known about for millennia but has been considered to be ‘mystical’ in more recent times. Nonetheless, it’s not mystical now. We are eleven-dimensional and nothing less – a fact that’s also been scientifically ratified.

Whether all this wonderment has passed you by or not, the multi-dimensional scientific revelations are the most important discoveries ever,in the history of mankind – and it’s happened in our lifetime.

If you came to this website because you’re curious about truth and about leveraging advantages in your life, do join me in uncovering the wonderment of regaining your SELF. At your own pace, you can imbibe captivating truths that are immensely pertinent to each of our lives. Everyone I know, who’s taken an interest in what the latest science shows us, regrets ever having previously lived in relative ignorance. Why not start with a bit of meditation, followed at your own pace by Acceptance (of the real) and Letting Go (of the unreal)? Self Realisation follows naturally if you apply fortitude and determination, which may not be huge initially but will build alongside your interest, if you want it to.

As I stated in my December 2014 blog, the practical advantages of allowing ourselves a less restricted consciousness include:
• Discovering our realness instead of what bogusly appears to be a mortal body in a mortal universe. • Accordingly, dispel 90% of anxiety, suffering, illness & fear (including fear of death)
• Directing one’s evolutionary progress from here on, via re-established inherent self-power. This means eliminating the suffering caused by attachment and other karmic build-up (happening to you now if you’ve any struggles, unhappiness or unsolved problems). Recognition of unwittingly increasing one’s karmic burden is instantaneous.

 The Future: Opportunity or Oppression

Re-activating our subtle energy can also help to sidestep the smokescreens effectuated by the incompetents (mostly) in authority. I focused upon this in my book ‘Short Tales of Long Snouts’ – a greater part of which is free to read at this site.

According to recent studies, by putting the mind aside, via meditation or pretty well any form of yoga done regularly and frequently, the brain builds denser grey matter in the parts associated with learning, memory, controlling emotions and compassion. That’s greater consciousness unfolding. Greater consciousness is greater understanding – nothing else.

To reiterate, greater understanding comes about the more you put the (absurd) mind aside. The mind is absurd because it is non-existent. We call our patterns of imagination ‘our mind’ (the whirligig, as I’ve called it here) so we don’t blame ourselves for making up this material world and all its inadequacies rather grasping the opportunity of understanding real life.

What I talked about in the second half of Short Tales of Long Snouts is starting to emerge. Yoga and meditation will probably be banned in years to come. This has started in some places already, on both sides of the Atlantic, ostensibly so as ‘not to offend others’ – as with so many other Political Correctnesses that are invented to gain control over us. So if you want your forebears to have half a chance of sidestepping total subversion, which would restrict their lives more or less to that of serfs, get thinking and get into action on this. If you do nothing more, at least pass on this invaluable information.

Restricting oneself to a three-dimensional outlook is denying real life. It brings many problems without permanent solutions for most individuals. Not least, folk who have no knowledge of why they’re here allow controllers to control them because they think they have no option. Only when (if?) the majority get wise to the meaning of life will the abuse stop. That won’t happen if we act like ostriches.

The opportunity is here at the moment to overcome ignorance and, consequently, subversion very quickly – by relaxing and allowing to unfold what science has proven is within us, thus seeing beyond the illusion.

©John Lamb 2.12.2015

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Upcoming blogs: ‘Using meditation, not leaning on it’; ‘The truth, the whole truth and nothing but…’;  ‘Conquering loneliness’; ‘Getting what I want (from life)’;  ‘Preparing for what happens when the banks shut’.

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Dimensions R Us

Abstract techno vector background. Eps 10

Science updates – particularly particle physics – have helped us to understand why solid matter is an illusion.

What appears to be solid matter is space in which electrons dance around at differing wavelengths, courtesy of the presence of ‘bosons’; Bosons are present in such quantity they’re like a thick fog, everywhere – not perceptible by our 5 senses or measuring instruments – and without which matter would not have mass. So there’s something greater – more durable and more permanent – that causes us to perceive three dimensions as if they are the only reality.

It’s OK to be told these glaring facts but how can we grasp it easily, given that our senses bellow out, “hard matter is solid, not air”? And, while we’re on the subject, if we uncover more of our dimensions – to reveal that solid matter isn’t real at all – can we benefit? We want to know what this body (we appear to be) actually is and why we are seemingly conscious that we are human beings on Earth?

To answer these two questions we need to assimilate what is meant by recent calculations revealing that our presence here is 11 dimensional and not an unaccompanied 3 dimensional structure.

To do this a very simple experiment can give us the understanding needed. It’s a practical looking ‘down’ at lower dimensions.

If you examine an irregular cube e.g. a box you’ll notice the cube has 6 flat sides. Each side of a cube is generally accepted as being constructed of two dimensions (length and width). This applies to every solid object even if its outer surfaces are not flat or square.

We need to conceptualise that each face of the cube is not two dimensional at all. The reason for this is that a two dimensional shape cannot have thickness. If it has thickness it is of three dimensions. If it has no thickness it has no shape and thus has no existence at all compared to the three-dimensional perspective. You can do this exercise, alternatively, with the page of a book. Take the page in your hand and look at it as if it’s a two dimensional object; then reflect that the page still has thickness so it is three-dimensional. If you take the thickness away you have nothing at all even though you imagined something could be two-dimensional.

So, the two-dimensional shape is an imagination that helps to formulate what we know as three dimensional solid matter. Two dimensional perception has no presence whatsoever as a standalone reality. The greater reality (than that) is three dimensions.

To me, this is the singular most important fact to keep in mind in order to understand the 3 dimensional illusion and thus regain your whole consciousness. Go over it again and again.

By thinking this through we begin to see what dimensions actually are within our whole (11 dimensional) selves. Each sphere of dimensions, from one dimension up to 10 dimensions, is at best a ‘relative-ness’ – an idea – in respect of the next dimensional ‘up’. None of the dimensions 1 to 10 are standalone realities.

Here we come to the crux of this subject. All dimensions are consciousness.

Consciousness is nothing else but understanding; perception; knowledge. Individuality is not solid matter, it’s a bundle of electrons acting in an individual way, directing itself to gather or jettison knowledge. Each individual consciousness, like our own, chooses to restrict itself to lower dimensional limitation or to expand itself. Greater consciousness can be brought into perception at any time.

The final piece of the jigsaw is acknowledging that all higher dimensions of existence are greater degrees of truth. What exists isn’t numbers of dimensions all. Truth graduates from distorted consciousness to whole consciousness. But we, in our limited perception (of what we call the third dimension) have to use numbers as a guidance system.

At the eleventh dimension – actuality or whole understanding – there is nothing but one-ness; one consciousness. And that is what each of us is; pure consciousness. Physicists describe it as the ultimate state; the ‘boundary-less infinity’. And it’s here and now, inside our bodies, inside our perception (bundle of electrons forming an individual intelligence), inside everything – and outside everything too – accessible whenever we wish to advantage ourselves of it.

Are the advantages for us obvious? Again, go back to what we think of as 2 dimensions. Imagine yourself living in that sphere, bumping around like a dodgem car (without height), refusing to acknowledge that a third dimension would give you the advantage of height. You’d be hanging on to the 2 dimensional consciousness unable to grasp the advantage of stepping over things or seeing into the distance – until you tested the greater understanding of another dimension for yourself.

That’s exactly how we operate! Because, in the same way, the fourth dimension might not seem particularly attractive to us because we habitually relate solely to material. The bosons aren’t measurable or visible by us but they’re definitely present and known to give matter mass, i.e. we are nothing without the 4 dimensional ‘fog’ … and so on up the dimensional tree. But the particles we emanate from are attractive while we’re embodied. We now know, for example, they also give birds their navigational signals and their weather sense. A host of other phenomena in nature rely on them too including ESP.

The fourth dimension is a less constricted form of us and everything around us and so enables moving around (in that sphere) without the need to observe solidity and being less time / distance orientated – not focused on the spurious, stolid low-vibrational corporeality. In effect it’s just a truer, less constringent consciousness; existence without the stresses and strains of the ‘material’ conception.

This is not conjecture. It’s already proven scientifically, solid materials can pass through each other at a temperature close to absolute zero. This temperature zone is at the cusp of the physical universe and the invisible particles of the 4th dimension.

We can capture the 4th dimension particles – the ‘vibrations’ – to enormous benefit while we’re embodied because our existence, at all levels, is entirely consciousness; connected to all other consciousness, both individual and not so individual. By stilling the mind completely we align ourselves with the nature of our consciousness and our more relevant and more powerful dimensions become knowable and usable.

In a strangulating spiral, the mind’s rampant egoic activity forms a barrier to whole consciousness by repeating to us that our other dimensions are futile and of no use. Each person decides when to move away from the perfidiousness of this egoic attitude. What surprises me is how many people, given all the science we now know, prefer to live in ignorance rather than uncover their inherent consciousness.

When we cease to focus on (fragmented) quasi consciousness, actuality becomes apparent.

Millions (possibly billions) of folk are now stilling the mind regularly, to various degrees, gaining some of the following benefits:

  • Discovering the realness of ourselves, within what bogusly appears to be a mortal body in a mortal universe. The re(cognition) is beyond words – that everything is consciousness, not solid stuff
  • Accordingly, dispel most personal anxiety, suffering, illness & fear
  • Directing one’s own evolution from here on, with new found (actually re-established) power – meaning tremendously advantaged life; eliminating the suffering caused by attachment and all other karmic build-up (happening to you now if you’ve any unhappiness or unsolved problems)
  • (re)cognising one’s ‘home’ after death – it’s in our consciousness (4th-5th dimension), more real than the matter based illusion – nothing to be fearful of – very peaceful and entirely gratifying – we just need to open up to it
  • Anticipate future happenings and/or fend off untruths by using the vibrations of the 4th dimension; an ESP kind of self-protection in everyday life

In uncovering the realness of you, you are left in no doubt that dimensions are simply consciousness and that greater consciousness is greater truth unfolding by degree. When you comprehend a greater truth than the five-sense stricture, you cease to fear the stories and threats coming from the ignorant and become eager to get on with your evolution rather than be stuck in the consequences of fake truth. It becomes obvious that all truth is here and now, not at a distance or at some future time. Unfolding to truth can be time based or instant, depending upon personal preference and one’s increasing expertise – usually gradual – of letting go of the illusion, to which most of us are unnecessarily attached.

©John Lamb 23.12.2014

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Upcoming blogs: ‘Using meditation, not leaning on it’; ‘The truth, the whole truth and nothing but…’;  ‘Conquering loneliness’; ‘Getting what I want (from life)’;  ‘Preparing for what happens next’

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Purpose of life?

lifequ Life: What can I get out of it? The following questions, and similar ones, crop up in general chitchat with your friends. Sometimes it’s, “What’s the point in it all?” or, “Should I ever be bothered with what it’s all about?” It’s like we somehow acknowledge a ‘spiritual’ or a ‘something greater’ side to us, but to fathom it out is too much trouble to bother with”.

This blog is an attempt to cast some light on these dilemmas, helpfully.

I was impressed recently when I was sent the following link. Click here if you want to see the miracles of space when a magnified camera kept its shutter open recently for 11 days, pointing at a piece of sky previously thought to contain nothing. The universe is so large; at least 100 billion galaxies. It’s unimaginable by the human mind. The distance across it is also unimaginable; millions of years travelling non-stop at over 180,000 mph.

So, when we try to get this all in perspective, it’s no wonder the question arises – “However did it all occur and where do I fit in?” The average healthy human being lasts less than 80 years. What is gained in a lifetime? A few experiences, perhaps. But, at the end of it, what about understanding why we’re here? And, why does everything else in the universe last out for millions of years? But, not us! Heck, is that fair? Is it alright? Should we just accept this weird phenomenon and die without knowing why, having gained absolutely nothing?

Answers: There are two reasons to be (what is perceived as) alive in your body. One reason is, already mentioned, to have experiences – you’re having them all the time. But that pales into insignificance compared with the second reason, which is to accept an opportunity, on offer to everyone. As far as I can see it’s the most fantastic opportunity-far greater than any other befalling us. It’s the opportunity to understand why you’re here, rather than to die confused, leaving no trace, after a few generations, that you were ever here.

Understanding why you’re here and what you’re doing / where you’re going is true knowledge. It’s the ONLY thing you can take with you when you leave; therefore it’s the only ‘gain’ possible.

What’s the point understanding why you’re here? As I’ve just said, the alternative is dying in ignorance of what the universe really is and why you were part of it. (If you’re happy to die in ignorance and can’t be bothered with any of this, you could leave this blog immediately).

The point in taking up the cudgel, so to speak, is to discover that our own hidden consciousness propels us and nothing else does. Not surprisingly, such a proposition reveals we are self-responsible for our own evolution. The benefits of this disclosure are enormous because the acceptance of self-evolution, which you can prove for yourself, (I mean prove, not guess or believe), has the benefit of providing short-cuts to surmounting all obstacles, including problems of any kind, including meeting your demise, when it comes, with great joy because you know your whole self.

If you don’t know your whole self by then, you can’t progress with your evolution; shackled, as you possibly are now, in pointless lives, getting nowhere at all until you do take on the self-propulsion demeanour. If you would like to accept the opportunity to understand more of this reasoning, read on. We will obviously need to ask the next question:

How do I get to truly understand my existence? The mind continuously chunters away, putting up a smokescreen to real knowledge, because it can’t see the wood for the trees. The mind focuses on solid matter, which self-imposes a three-dimensional outlook. Another way of saying this is that we limit ourselves, through our own choice, to three-dimensional consciousness. But – hang on a minute – mankind’s own scientific progress has detected we are eleven-dimensional. Can we use the other dimensions, which are here and now in every cell of our bodies and not in some airy-fairy spiritual world (as was thought in past eras of relative ignorance)? The answer to this is unequivocally YES.

I’m not asserting some guru-in-a-cave-talk here. Respected scientists such as Prof. Peter Higgs gave us the theory of certain bosons being ‘finer particles than matter, giving matter its mass’, which is now accepted science, proven by experiment. These particles are witnessed but cannot be seen or measured so they are in a different *dimension. They are a component support of all solid matter including, of course, our bodies. Accordingly, we are no longer limited to being solely reliant upon three dimensions, running around like demented idiots, operating as if material stuff is the only thing existent.

Good guys like Profs Brian Cox, Stephen Hawking (etc.) have come on TV to simplify all this, particularly our comprehension that atoms are not solid, but bound together so closely as to give the appearance of solid form. Thankfully, we don’t need anything further to convince us that all answers are contained within us. All we need is the key to access the finer (but more powerful) energies that are our birthright.

The access key is realisation. Realisation is the knowledge of our inner dimensions – the real knowledge rather than the sheets of scientific numbers – to prove for ourselves, in our own minds, “There it is, I have experienced my inner more refined self, in actual thoughts I understand.”

Realisation is nothing to be scared of. It’s simply discovery. Like a detective story where you couldn’t quite piece together how something happened. Then, at last, you get to the truth and it all fits together in a total understanding. It’s a dawning – a dawning that comes about when the last piece of the jigsaw is inserted, in the puzzle of life.

How can we get to Realisation? The only way I know is to still the mind. Various relaxation and yogic principles can help, including meditation. People who don’t practise meditation might think it’s something weird. But it’s not. Meditation doesn’t turn you into a hippie. What meditation does for you is to calm a mind that runs up unnecessary pathways most of the time (50,000 thoughts per day), by putting it aside for a few minutes.

The mind, uncontrolled, darts from object to object and invents images of past experiences and future projections. Most of it is rubbish. In doing this, there is no room for the finer levels of consciousness to get in. A barrier is formed, having the effect of blocking out the inner consciousness that’s there all the time and can transform us into a being of much greater focus and – accordingly – competence, confidence, fearlessness and happiness.

Having a still mind, you don’t lose anything. You gain multitudinous benefits. Not only do you worry less, improve your health, become more efficient and more loved, attract things you desire and stay young longer, but you come to know that life is a continuum, and not a few decades of a limited mind attached to a limited animal form. Mortality only applies to those billions of particles of almost nothing, not your whole being. Consequently you don’t worry about death either.

Gaining a still mind requires a little bit of effort. It’s no more effort than you put in already, probably less, but its effort directed in a certain way. It’s known as conscious effort. You have to put a few minutes aside each day. But even that is thoroughly enjoyable, so it’s not a burdensome effort. As you change yourself to a calmer, happier person using meditation, or whatever technique you choose, you change your outlook too. You begin to encompass the idea that you are propelling yourself through your evolution. This not only brings on a thoroughly satisfying feeling, it also helps you to become more ‘realised’.

Realisation comes by degree and not as one eureka moment. But there are glimpses of the fully realised state, and those glimpses bring about the knowledge of your whole existence. They leave you in no doubt. The glimpses usually come unexpectedly and not during meditation. Often it’s between sleep and the waking state, for a mind that’s extremely stilled. What these experiences leave you with – always – is:

  • “I am that and not this, I am vastly greater than my little body and little mind”,
  • “Only my whole self experiences my whole self – my mind cannot do that”,
  • “My whole (pure consciousness) self is with me all the time, in greater abundance than my little three-dimensional self and closer than my eyelids are to my eyes, in every cell”,
  • “Nothing happens in the three-dimensional sphere without the supporting subtle energy of the higher dimensions”,
  • “All is one. There is no life & death or speed & time or separateness. Joy is permanent. I am all-encompassing”

Any degree of realisation is indescribably worthwhile. It gets you somewhere and it enables the puzzle of life to be solved – answering the question “What is life all about,” bringing a sense of permanence which is rarely, if ever, available to the unstilled mind.

Don’t get hooked up on the matter of *dimensions. They’re easy to understand. For clarity, I’ll be blogging this one soon. Meanwhile have a gander at Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle, on ‘purpose of life’. ©John Lamb 21.1.2014

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Life Is Funny

HowWhenWhatSometimes life is funny-ha-ha and sometimes it’s funny- peculiar, isn’t it?    It’s the funny peculiar bits where the questions arise; the biggest one being, “Why doesn’t it always run smoothly?” If only we didn’t suffer from fear, anxiety, stress, loss of love or loved ones, unsatisfactory career (or out of work), relationship imperfections, insufficient cash or stuff, other folks’ odd attitudes, being lonely, worrying, .. etc. .. I could go on and on for ages, as could everone else!

Did you know you can eliminate 90% of your dissatisfactions, and acquire everything you want in your life by tapping into your inner subtle energy? Scientists have proven the energy is there, in every nanosecond of our existence although it’s invisible. In fact we rely totally upon it. Every cell of our body and every movement we make emanates from energies of (what we call) higher dimensions, such as the Higgs bosuns recently discovered as existent but invisible.

Why does accessing these energies solve our problems? If you went on a journey and your map was written in a strange code you need a decipher mechanism – a code cracker. That’s exactly what this life is like. Things don’t work out perfectly, because we’re going round in circles all the time trying to get solutions to life by viewing our environment, and each other, as if we are three-dimensional objects.

The multi-dimensional subtle energy is the code cracker of life. There are 11 dimensions altogether and most of us put our consciousness in only three of them, like headless chickens.

It’s that simple. Awaken just one or two more dimensions of our natural consciousness and imbibe them into our thinking  (of the spare eight that are available in us) and we become incredibly powerful and content compared to a life half-lived if we don’t use them.

Let’s look at a few practicalities, to demonstrate the simplicity. The fourth dimension in us is an indescribable volume of particles (e.g. Higgs bosons) that connect everything vibrationally. If we use them, we can pick up each other’s thoughts and draw people and objects to us using what is popularly termed Extra Sensory Perception. Or, using fifth dimensional consciousness, we become aware of timelessness. Even a miniscule touch of the experience of timelessness makes us feel incredibly happy and worry-free; just being, which is our nature. And so on …….

A mountain of goodies and answers awaits those who take the bother to do a few enjoyable daily thought polishing exercises, which require no more effort than you put onto life already – possibly less.  I term it Mind Bathing because it cleanses, soothes your mind and continuously refreshes your outlook and your potential.

  • Blogs appear on this page and are archived in the right hand column
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Upcoming blogs: ‘Dimensions R us’; ‘The truth, the whole truth and nothing but…’ ‘A mother’s / father’s love’; ‘Conquering loneliness’, ‘Getting what I want (from life)’, ‘Using meditation, not leaning on it’, ‘Preparing for what happens next’.

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