Conquer the mind: Find Freedom

Mind Universal map


The diagram shows we mostly ignore the right hand side which represents our infinite inner resources – our real self. In effect we’re living a lie, by confining ourselves to the boxed-in thinking process within the rectangle (the box), so how can we expect it to be trouble-free or totally satisfying?

The unlimited human mind

Because the human mind operates solely on sense input (left side in the diagram) it constricts thought to the same little journey – hardly a journey at all – during the whole of a lifetime. First, a sense reaction comes in. The (self constructed by each individual) ego uses memory as its mirror, throwing its reaction around in the very limited lower mind. The intellect judges by means of juggling the ego and memory – a continuous circus act going on in your head all the time – and projecting an imagined outcome which makes one feel sad, happy or neutral. What a contemptible existence the little human mind lives when it refuses to accept its potential beyond the three dimensional sphere.

The whole mind is so vast it’s indescribable. It’s unlimited consciousness, not restricted at all. Therefore mind is non an apt description. Freedom would be more appropriate.

We appear to be little solid objects but, as science has now confirmed, what falsely appears to be solid aspects of us is minuscule compared to the multi dimensions, which are finer particles / finer vibrations and which apply to us and to every other spec of matter. But our whole (real) mind is non-mind; it’s infinite. The reality of us is we are a boundary-less infinity (quote: Prof. Stephen Hawking et al). The boundary-less infinity of us is often also referred to as ‘universal mind’, ‘pure consciousness’, and other expressions, including ‘love’.

Is this greater mind somewhere else? No. All the other, mostly unexploited, dimensions of us are here and now, in every nanosecond of existence.

So, why can’t we use this gargantuan inbuilt wondrous mind? Surely we could sort out everything in a trice if we use a mind of much greater capacity.

This is the wrong approach. We can use it. It’s a case of won’t use it rather than can’t, if you’re not using it already. As I’ve said, it’s accessible here and now, this very second you’re reading these words and every other second in time too.

For those who fall into the category of ‘would like to use it but don’t know how to’ I’ll continue. We can imbibe our infinite mind into daily life without affecting our lifestyle or our desires. The benefits of doing so are almost too many to mention but they include:

  • being calm and impenetrably strong when encountering untoward happenings,
  • not being affected by potential stress,
  • sorting out problems and wobbly relationships with ease,
  • removing fear of death (your wondrous mind knows there is no such thing – consciousness carries on infinitely),
  • being full of life but indescribably content whatever your circumstances

Think of the health improvements and the efficiency-in-action gains that could ensue by having your calm powerful self operating all the time.

How do we use it? Take on a little mind bathing, which probably needs to include regular  meditation and a simple practical system of letting go of preconceived ideas, ongoing throughout your life so as to release all the rust in your mind  that has you stuck in misconception. It’s the rust, the deeply furrowed impressions, that holds us back. Take on a little truth about yourself – a bit at a time – until you accept that you are what has now been scientifically confirmed. What you’ll conclude is that you’ve brought yourself to this point in your evolution and you are responsible for your evolution. To short cut any continuing unhappiness, continually affirm, “I am responsible.” One of life’s greatest pitfalls, in my view, is thinking someone else is responsible for one’s evolution. This imagination is caused by limiting oneself to the boxed-in mind.

If this sounds either strange, unacceptable or confusing, do read my book Discover Your Subtle Self, which, I intended, should to enable a better understanding of the true nature of ourselves – and how understanding it solves almost every problem we encounter in this 3 dimensional consciousness. Also my little book Melting Into Meditation contains tips rarely published elsewhere for making meditation effective.

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