Truth, my beloveds


Please accept: When truth is faced, absolute you appears

My dearly beloveds – especially my family and my extended family, including all those who practise absoluteness.

Life is getting short, for me. (Not the real me, the imagined me). Accordingly, I won’t continue with the long essays. I’ve just published my last book too. Short blogs and answers to FAQ’s are more appropriate now.

Why not give absolute reality a try? The suffering people go through trying to make a lie (apparent ‘life’) into truth is incredulous. What we’re searching for is so simple.

Letting go of an imagined ‘me’ is truth revealing but it remains a problem – because ‘me’ is imagined. How can you release yourself from being a ‘me’ when it’s something that’s not here in the first place, to which you’re indelibly attached because it’s your own museful creation?

Imagination keeps pestering until we refuse to energise it.

How can this be done? By practising truth. When you train yourself into truth, imagination loses its hold. Truth is known nowadays – proven. You don’t have to believe in truth any more. Be free to accept it and therein lies your liberation, like the key to handcuffs being turned to set you finally free from suffering.

Imagining you are John, Jayne, Jack or Jennifer is the same as if you’ve written a novel. It came out of your imagination and it remains in your imagination. Let go of that darned ego trip if you want to let go of suffering. The decision is yours.

Om, Shanti, shanti, shanti. (Peace or non-peace is your decision too, not someone else’s).






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