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Letting in some light


What do we mean by being in the light or spreading the light? It’s not as if the world is dark all the time, is it? It might be more appropriate if sayings such as these depicted shedding some light – particularly when it comes to providing relief for our conditions such as confusion, anxiety or depression and, not least, responding to questions such as, “who am I?” and “what are we doing here for a very short period in these bodies?”

We need illumination in order to solve these everyday questions and problems; providing enlightening instruction as well as a ministration in our thinking mechanism.

Unfortunately, we’re all controlled by our minds. That’s confusing in itself, I know. We can’t locate the mind yet we acknowledge that all our movements and reaction are directed by it. As a piece of our bodies, the mind doesn’t exist. Yet, as a mechanism controlling all our output, supporting itself within itself, it has top place.

To go straight to the target, so to speak, let’s bring in the succinct statement about life’s formulation by the incredibly perceptive, competent and possibly spiritually enlightened Albert Einstein: “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

This incredible but true statement sheds light on the question, “what are we?” We are simply energy; nothing but fine energy particles. The mind doesn’t exist – and there is no mind in the energy particles either. The mind has invented itself in the human brain – as an idea – out of these energy particles colliding with each other. The mind forms itself as a pattern of interacting energy particles. The mind – a formulated actionary patterning – tries to forge a satisfactory outcome for itself because the truth that we are only energy shakes its foundations to the core. (Refer to other blogs and articles that discuss why solid matter is an illusion).

In this way, the human being continually puts aside the truth that we are nothing and forms a false reality. Our first input comes when mummy says, “dummy / mummy / doggy / tree / milk / bed / dinner / (your) name / etc., etc,” It’s then that energy swirls start forming themselves into a furrowed pattern. This lifetime’s ‘mind’ begins and accordingly truth goes out the window. In Einstein’s view, when we match the frequency of solid matter that’s  what we get.

Rarely is there an alternative to this mold of upbringing, resulting in lives of unreality being lived in which we convert all energy flowing through us into thought and we insist success means cramming a plethora of facts into one tiny area of the brain. This gets us nowhere!

The young mind starts to formulate the idea of ‘mine’. This is where the word mind derived, of course; something solid belonging to me. And off we go. “I want this to satisfy me.” Or, “I want to be like him / her.” And a multitude of other mind figurations build up, based on the concept of mine, underscoring the fixed finite contrivance that me and mine is the only form of life.

Truth rarely comes back into the mind for most folk, in today’s intensely material existence, unless something goes wrong. When seemingly unsolvable problems come up they can’t be answered by the mind, so we suffer. But we suffer from the false concept of me and mine more than the problem itself. Even if nothing goes wrong until death threatens, hanging on to the imaginary ‘me & mine’ doesn’t solve anything because it’s an image based on solid matter, which doesn’t exist. Our contorted consciousness perceives apparent matter, ignoring the countless trillions of bosons (invisible fine energy particles) we consist of.

So when we say we’re living in the dark (needing a little light) we are referring to ignorance; living a false story instead of reality. Ignorance doesn’t mean stupidity it means ignoring something. In this case it’s ignoring our whole make up. Let’s very briefly see how the ‘mummy / dummy’ image quickly invites ignorance to be our life’s basis.

I refer here to the diagram below, copied from the article, at this site, ‘Conquer the Mind: Find Freedom’. You can quickly grasp how the mind processes input and has to bring in past & future (memory & projection), motivating actions based on exceedingly limited consciousness, enunciated by the intellectual wall, which forms a barrier to our unlimitedness.

Mind Universal map

In the limited boxed-in mind, the ego and the intellect entrap us into false ideas, encouraging false values.

However, the ego is also a useful tool. It’s never going to be jettisoned altogether because our biological functions would cease if it did. Our nature is to keep going, in order to ‘reach back home’, so we’re not going to readily sit down and decompose. We’ll keep the ego while we’re embodied.

But the ego can be stretched, to great advantage. When it’s stretched it becomes more ‘opaque’; can be seen through. When we get to grips with the crafty game the ego is playing we can use it for personal progress / evolution rather than have it kick us around the suffering zone, trying, eventually failing, to justify itself as a reality.

When we realise, and accept, we’re in charge of our own evolution the suffering diminishes. This may surprise you if, having spent most of your life to date as an ego / intellect junkie, the idea of dumping most of what you’ve valuably learned seems like a no-go area. But it’s true. Only the boxed-in mind existence contains suffering. Our greater more refined consciousness doesn’t suffer – and its qualities are easy to access; infusing equanimity and undisturbed harmony into everyday life. Our greater consciousness is not fazed by the idea of death either. So relying on it, instead of the mind, further reduces suffering of this sort.

A very practical method, for peppering our cunning mind with calm  the calm reality of our wholeness is to become the observer. Gururaj, my mentor, continually advised this method. Becoming the observer involves more than just looking at what happens in life, rather than the other way around. ‘Observing’ can sound a bit dispassionate. But it’s not. It means living life fully without being so attached to it. Suffering is always reduced in this way.

But becoming non-attached needs a prime principal to be prioritised; acceptance (of truth). That’s not something achieved overnight. Thus one can appreciate that becoming the observer is not a case of sitting around gazing at life or being spaced out. Observing, while using our natural resource of discrimination, is a process of working at truth; refusing to allow the mind to throw you into quasi-truth or non-truth.

If we don’t attempt to become involved with acceptance, the predominant ego says, “I am doing this” or “I am achieving that.” Whereas, in actuality the Real I – the unlimitedness – is the doer. We need to let go of the idea of little me being the doer. Life is a continuum for our unlimited consciousness, which is boundless. Continuing to imagine, “I am a little being who matters in a solid universe” can only cause suffering to continue.

In practising non-attachment we accept truth – accepting the world as it is rather than how we’d prefer it. What we perceive as solid matter is nothing but energy particles. The ego is simply energy particles too but in a distorted pattern. Attaching importance to these patternings, as I’ve said, causes all the suffering in life, which is unnecessary.

Becoming the observer releases the grip of attachment; a sure-fire practical way of allowing a little light in. However patterned we are at this point in time, we can gradually accept our reality, by staying awake to our truer finer existence. The uninterrupted flow of natural energy adapts to change and happily lives with uncertainty. The ego, when allowed to dominate, battles with natural energy and a never-ending painful fight ensues.

Finally, becoming the observer – working at truth – lets a lot of light in when it becomes apparent that ‘I AM RESPONSIBLE’ for my birth, my life, my karma and my afterlife. This stance is the great solver of all problems. Acknowledging this inexorable fact encourages the art of true love; letting energy flow without trying to get anything in return. It’s the mind, having no real basis, that needs to attach itself to things, situations, life-lines of many sorts including people. Whereas our inner reality just flows and changes without any needs.

I firmly believe meditation to be an invaluable tool and should also be encouraged as a practical tool for letting in some light; some true knowledge. Being calm helps enormously with becoming the observer, and vice-versa. But beware doing these practices if you have a stone cold resistance to greater truth or if you don’t want to move on from the boxed-in mind. It’s not advisable to antagonise the mind more than it is already!

In this regard, if you think you’re actually going to get something out of this life you can stop the flow of natural inner energy in its tracks. Try as you may, you can’t end up with perfection as the mind would imagine it. Neither can you take anything with you into your existence after this lifetime – except learning. Knowledge (of truth) brings progress in your evolution; nothing else does.

It’s not difficult to see that ‘light’ is ‘truth’ and letting it in leads to a life of greater comfort, free from suffering. To accomplish this enviable position we only require a tad of commitment to face the truth and a willingness to let go of ingrained mind-stuff. That’s how we match the frequency of the reality we want (Einstein); get to a finer, more real, vibration.

©John Lamb 05.09.2016

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