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Beyond the Illusion

Evolving Mind

” I don’t know why nobody told you – how to unfold you…….
I don’t know how someone controlled you – they bought and sold you
I don’t know how you were diverted … No one alerted you” (George Harrison)


Have you ever wanted to see beyond the illusion?

To what illusion am I referring? The illusion, we are living out, is the simple scientific actuality that what appears to be real – solid matter – is not real.

Is there any point in seeing through the illusion? Yes, there is. If you can sense the illusion in any meaningful way, you can rise above the difficulties of life, which are unambiguously unreal too. (We make them up in our unreal mind). If you don’t bother about seeing beyond the illusion, you’ll have lived nothing short of a mirage, missing out on determining your whole actuality and the incomparable experience of total satisfaction.

If you’re in any doubt, consider this: Sub-atomic viewfinders have revealed that everything giving the appearance of being solid (or liquid, or gas) is not solid at all. Well, it’s 99,9999999999999% nothing – and the remaining 0.000000000000000001% is an electrical impulse (a proton with a neutron flying around it) which is not solid either!

This scientific one hundred percent certainty may have passed you by, because you’ve been fully occupied working, paying taxes, having fun & carrying out all manner of responsibilities and activities. So, take a moment to look around you right now and notice how convinced you are that your body and everything else are separate solid objects with distance between them. This interpretation is incorrect, given the science now accepted.  Consequently, you have made an illusion your own reality.

How does the illusion occur? A baby is born with pure whole consciousness within its grasp. As it grows the brain starts perceiving information, via sense inputs through the eyes, ears etc., When this input commences, the brain is using very little of its potential. It’s encouraged to keep doing this via the input of ‘mummy’, ‘tree’, ‘dog’, etc. so it restricts itself to three of its eleven dimensions of consciousness. That’s what everyone else is doing so nothing is challenged in terms of life’s meaning. As a result an artificial centre is constructed (the mind) in order to deal with the world that it thinks is separate from what is imagined as ‘me’. This illusion continues through life unless the observer, within the conjured up individual consciousness, decides not to be fooled any longer.

The mind projects, on a sense basis, using less than one percent of  brain power. The mind is a little whirligig of ‘ideas’ that has no basis. You can’t find the mind. It’s not anywhere and it doesn’t know what the other 99% brain power knows – the whole picture. The whirligig is not anything except a pattern of impulses that ‘insists’ 3 dimensional consciousness is a reality. Without this insistence there is no foundation for separateness whatsoever. Mental patterns, in this regard, rely on space and time, which have long ago been proven chimerical. The mind has no foundation either but tries to justify itself by superimposing unreality on reality; rejecting whole consciousness.


Can you see the thick fog in and around everything? If you can’t, you are mind orientated rather than wholly conscious. But the fog is there, much denser than the weather unfriendly fog we’re used to. The fog is made up of tiny particles known as bosons, which are not perceptible by the human senses or by measuring instruments. (However proof that it’s there – everywhere – has been confirmed in the Large Hadron Collider experiment – results announced 04. 07. 2012). The bosons, in what we refer to as the fourth dimension, give matter its mass in the same way as a whole cube gives one face of the cube the appearance that’s it’s two dimensional (but it’s not).

The ‘one percent mind’ has difficulty tuning into the more real dimensions because it’s too busy spreading the whitewash over itself. It goes along, in the whirligig, from senses to ego to memory to intellect (the putting into place everything that’s sensed) and back to senses.

The only way to get back to reality is to still the mind completely, which stops it misting up the clarity of pure consciousness. Unless we go beyond the mind like this, we’re stuck with a very restricted, self-imposed, partial consciousness, which obscures truth to the utmost.

Our brains, using so little in terms of our potential intelligence, lie more or less dormant, allowing solid matter to be ‘created’ by the mind instead of seeing the whole picture. Putting the mind aside reawakens our whole consciousness immediately.

So, we can change our self-imposed imprisonment using a few more brain cells (pun not intended). This has been known about for millennia but has been considered to be ‘mystical’ in more recent times. Nonetheless, it’s not mystical now. We are eleven-dimensional and nothing less – a fact that’s also been scientifically ratified.

Whether all this wonderment has passed you by or not, the multi-dimensional scientific revelations are the most important discoveries ever,in the history of mankind – and it’s happened in our lifetime.

If you came to this website because you’re curious about truth and about leveraging advantages in your life, do join me in uncovering the wonderment of regaining your SELF. At your own pace, you can imbibe captivating truths that are immensely pertinent to each of our lives. Everyone I know, who’s taken an interest in what the latest science shows us, regrets ever having previously lived in relative ignorance. Why not start with a bit of meditation, followed at your own pace by Acceptance (of the real) and Letting Go (of the unreal)? Self Realisation follows naturally if you apply fortitude and determination, which may not be huge initially but will build alongside your interest, if you want it to.

As I stated in my December 2014 blog, the practical advantages of allowing ourselves a less restricted consciousness include:
• Discovering our realness instead of what bogusly appears to be a mortal body in a mortal universe. • Accordingly, dispel 90% of anxiety, suffering, illness & fear (including fear of death)
• Directing one’s evolutionary progress from here on, via re-established inherent self-power. This means eliminating the suffering caused by attachment and other karmic build-up (happening to you now if you’ve any struggles, unhappiness or unsolved problems). Recognition of unwittingly increasing one’s karmic burden is instantaneous.

 The Future: Opportunity or Oppression

Re-activating our subtle energy can also help to sidestep the smokescreens effectuated by the incompetents (mostly) in authority. I focused upon this in my book ‘Short Tales of Long Snouts’ – a greater part of which is free to read at this site.

According to recent studies, by putting the mind aside, via meditation or pretty well any form of yoga done regularly and frequently, the brain builds denser grey matter in the parts associated with learning, memory, controlling emotions and compassion. That’s greater consciousness unfolding. Greater consciousness is greater understanding – nothing else.

To reiterate, greater understanding comes about the more you put the (absurd) mind aside. The mind is absurd because it is non-existent. We call our patterns of imagination ‘our mind’ (the whirligig, as I’ve called it here) so we don’t blame ourselves for making up this material world and all its inadequacies rather grasping the opportunity of understanding real life.

What I talked about in the second half of Short Tales of Long Snouts is starting to emerge. Yoga and meditation will probably be banned in years to come. This has started in some places already, on both sides of the Atlantic, ostensibly so as ‘not to offend others’ – as with so many other Political Correctnesses that are invented to gain control over us. So if you want your forebears to have half a chance of sidestepping total subversion, which would restrict their lives more or less to that of serfs, get thinking and get into action on this. If you do nothing more, at least pass on this invaluable information.

Restricting oneself to a three-dimensional outlook is denying real life. It brings many problems without permanent solutions for most individuals. Not least, folk who have no knowledge of why they’re here allow controllers to control them because they think they have no option. Only when (if?) the majority get wise to the meaning of life will the abuse stop. That won’t happen if we act like ostriches.

The opportunity is here at the moment to overcome ignorance and, consequently, subversion very quickly – by relaxing and allowing to unfold what science has proven is within us, thus seeing beyond the illusion.

©John Lamb 2.12.2015

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