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Dimensions R Us

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Science updates – particularly particle physics – have helped us to understand why solid matter is an illusion.

What appears to be solid matter is space in which electrons dance around at differing wavelengths, courtesy of the presence of ‘bosons’; Bosons are present in such quantity they’re like a thick fog, everywhere – not perceptible by our 5 senses or measuring instruments – and without which matter would not have mass. So there’s something greater – more durable and more permanent – that causes us to perceive three dimensions as if they are the only reality.

It’s OK to be told these glaring facts but how can we grasp it easily, given that our senses bellow out, “hard matter is solid, not air”? And, while we’re on the subject, if we uncover more of our dimensions – to reveal that solid matter isn’t real at all – can we benefit? We want to know what this body (we appear to be) actually is and why we are seemingly conscious that we are human beings on Earth?

To answer these two questions we need to assimilate what is meant by recent calculations revealing that our presence here is 11 dimensional and not an unaccompanied 3 dimensional structure.

To do this a very simple experiment can give us the understanding needed. It’s a practical looking ‘down’ at lower dimensions.

If you examine an irregular cube e.g. a box you’ll notice the cube has 6 flat sides. Each side of a cube is generally accepted as being constructed of two dimensions (length and width). This applies to every solid object even if its outer surfaces are not flat or square.

We need to conceptualise that each face of the cube is not two dimensional at all. The reason for this is that a two dimensional shape cannot have thickness. If it has thickness it is of three dimensions. If it has no thickness it has no shape and thus has no existence at all compared to the three-dimensional perspective. You can do this exercise, alternatively, with the page of a book. Take the page in your hand and look at it as if it’s a two dimensional object; then reflect that the page still has thickness so it is three-dimensional. If you take the thickness away you have nothing at all even though you imagined something could be two-dimensional.

So, the two-dimensional shape is an imagination that helps to formulate what we know as three dimensional solid matter. Two dimensional perception has no presence whatsoever as a standalone reality. The greater reality (than that) is three dimensions.

To me, this is the singular most important fact to keep in mind in order to understand the 3 dimensional illusion and thus regain your whole consciousness. Go over it again and again.

By thinking this through we begin to see what dimensions actually are within our whole (11 dimensional) selves. Each sphere of dimensions, from one dimension up to 10 dimensions, is at best a ‘relative-ness’ – an idea – in respect of the next dimensional ‘up’. None of the dimensions 1 to 10 are standalone realities.

Here we come to the crux of this subject. All dimensions are consciousness.

Consciousness is nothing else but understanding; perception; knowledge. Individuality is not solid matter, it’s a bundle of electrons acting in an individual way, directing itself to gather or jettison knowledge. Each individual consciousness, like our own, chooses to restrict itself to lower dimensional limitation or to expand itself. Greater consciousness can be brought into perception at any time.

The final piece of the jigsaw is acknowledging that all higher dimensions of existence are greater degrees of truth. What exists isn’t numbers of dimensions all. Truth graduates from distorted consciousness to whole consciousness. But we, in our limited perception (of what we call the third dimension) have to use numbers as a guidance system.

At the eleventh dimension – actuality or whole understanding – there is nothing but one-ness; one consciousness. And that is what each of us is; pure consciousness. Physicists describe it as the ultimate state; the ‘boundary-less infinity’. And it’s here and now, inside our bodies, inside our perception (bundle of electrons forming an individual intelligence), inside everything – and outside everything too – accessible whenever we wish to advantage ourselves of it.

Are the advantages for us obvious? Again, go back to what we think of as 2 dimensions. Imagine yourself living in that sphere, bumping around like a dodgem car (without height), refusing to acknowledge that a third dimension would give you the advantage of height. You’d be hanging on to the 2 dimensional consciousness unable to grasp the advantage of stepping over things or seeing into the distance – until you tested the greater understanding of another dimension for yourself.

That’s exactly how we operate! Because, in the same way, the fourth dimension might not seem particularly attractive to us because we habitually relate solely to material. The bosons aren’t measurable or visible by us but they’re definitely present and known to give matter mass, i.e. we are nothing without the 4 dimensional ‘fog’ … and so on up the dimensional tree. But the particles we emanate from are attractive while we’re embodied. We now know, for example, they also give birds their navigational signals and their weather sense. A host of other phenomena in nature rely on them too including ESP.

The fourth dimension is a less constricted form of us and everything around us and so enables moving around (in that sphere) without the need to observe solidity and being less time / distance orientated – not focused on the spurious, stolid low-vibrational corporeality. In effect it’s just a truer, less constringent consciousness; existence without the stresses and strains of the ‘material’ conception.

This is not conjecture. It’s already proven scientifically, solid materials can pass through each other at a temperature close to absolute zero. This temperature zone is at the cusp of the physical universe and the invisible particles of the 4th dimension.

We can capture the 4th dimension particles – the ‘vibrations’ – to enormous benefit while we’re embodied because our existence, at all levels, is entirely consciousness; connected to all other consciousness, both individual and not so individual. By stilling the mind completely we align ourselves with the nature of our consciousness and our more relevant and more powerful dimensions become knowable and usable.

In a strangulating spiral, the mind’s rampant egoic activity forms a barrier to whole consciousness by repeating to us that our other dimensions are futile and of no use. Each person decides when to move away from the perfidiousness of this egoic attitude. What surprises me is how many people, given all the science we now know, prefer to live in ignorance rather than uncover their inherent consciousness.

When we cease to focus on (fragmented) quasi consciousness, actuality becomes apparent.

Millions (possibly billions) of folk are now stilling the mind regularly, to various degrees, gaining some of the following benefits:

  • Discovering the realness of ourselves, within what bogusly appears to be a mortal body in a mortal universe. The re(cognition) is beyond words – that everything is consciousness, not solid stuff
  • Accordingly, dispel most personal anxiety, suffering, illness & fear
  • Directing one’s own evolution from here on, with new found (actually re-established) power – meaning tremendously advantaged life; eliminating the suffering caused by attachment and all other karmic build-up (happening to you now if you’ve any unhappiness or unsolved problems)
  • (re)cognising one’s ‘home’ after death – it’s in our consciousness (4th-5th dimension), more real than the matter based illusion – nothing to be fearful of – very peaceful and entirely gratifying – we just need to open up to it
  • Anticipate future happenings and/or fend off untruths by using the vibrations of the 4th dimension; an ESP kind of self-protection in everyday life

In uncovering the realness of you, you are left in no doubt that dimensions are simply consciousness and that greater consciousness is greater truth unfolding by degree. When you comprehend a greater truth than the five-sense stricture, you cease to fear the stories and threats coming from the ignorant and become eager to get on with your evolution rather than be stuck in the consequences of fake truth. It becomes obvious that all truth is here and now, not at a distance or at some future time. Unfolding to truth can be time based or instant, depending upon personal preference and one’s increasing expertise – usually gradual – of letting go of the illusion, to which most of us are unnecessarily attached.

©John Lamb 23.12.2014

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