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Life Is Funny

HowWhenWhatSometimes life is funny-ha-ha and sometimes it’s funny- peculiar, isn’t it?    It’s the funny peculiar bits where the questions arise; the biggest one being, “Why doesn’t it always run smoothly?” If only we didn’t suffer from fear, anxiety, stress, loss of love or loved ones, unsatisfactory career (or out of work), relationship imperfections, insufficient cash or stuff, other folks’ odd attitudes, being lonely, worrying, .. etc. .. I could go on and on for ages, as could everone else!

Did you know you can eliminate 90% of your dissatisfactions, and acquire everything you want in your life by tapping into your inner subtle energy? Scientists have proven the energy is there, in every nanosecond of our existence although it’s invisible. In fact we rely totally upon it. Every cell of our body and every movement we make emanates from energies of (what we call) higher dimensions, such as the Higgs bosuns recently discovered as existent but invisible.

Why does accessing these energies solve our problems? If you went on a journey and your map was written in a strange code you need a decipher mechanism – a code cracker. That’s exactly what this life is like. Things don’t work out perfectly, because we’re going round in circles all the time trying to get solutions to life by viewing our environment, and each other, as if we are three-dimensional objects.

The multi-dimensional subtle energy is the code cracker of life. There are 11 dimensions altogether and most of us put our consciousness in only three of them, like headless chickens.

It’s that simple. Awaken just one or two more dimensions of our natural consciousness and imbibe them into our thinking  (of the spare eight that are available in us) and we become incredibly powerful and content compared to a life half-lived if we don’t use them.

Let’s look at a few practicalities, to demonstrate the simplicity. The fourth dimension in us is an indescribable volume of particles (e.g. Higgs bosons) that connect everything vibrationally. If we use them, we can pick up each other’s thoughts and draw people and objects to us using what is popularly termed Extra Sensory Perception. Or, using fifth dimensional consciousness, we become aware of timelessness. Even a miniscule touch of the experience of timelessness makes us feel incredibly happy and worry-free; just being, which is our nature. And so on …….

A mountain of goodies and answers awaits those who take the bother to do a few enjoyable daily thought polishing exercises, which require no more effort than you put onto life already – possibly less.  I term it Mind Bathing because it cleanses, soothes your mind and continuously refreshes your outlook and your potential.

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